Coming Up With A Peter Pan Costume From The Beginning

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Halloween is merely surrounding the corner and there are lots of great costumes to pick from. If you’re considering going as Peter Pan yet you do not need to pay out lots of cash on a professionally made Peter Pan costume, these are some very nice tips that could help you make a Peter Pan suit from scratch!

Tip one : Green felt is the best mate. This suggests you could easily purchase green felt in numerous shades at your local bargain store to form the majority of your Peter Pan costume , for example the hat, belt, shirt, shoes, and more. Remember that you will need both light and dark green felt to finish the costume, as well as some black and nearly white, light green.

Tip two : Make covers for the shoes. Be thought of as the easiest part of the Peter Pan costume to produce in your own home, as you simply create the look of green elf shoes over your most comfy pair of brogues. Like that, you simply slip your feet into some comfortable shoes that you could walk in all night and you do not have to fret about looking out of keeping with character.

Tip three : Pick warm tights. You know that Halloween will be cold, so you intend to ensure that you pick out some warm tights for your Peter Pan costume. While there are some out there that come thin, you only need to select these if you will be inside all evening. And, be sure you find them in a light green if feasible.

Tip four : Locate a hat pattern on the web. You can find thousands of great sites around online and simply find a printable pattern for the hat for your Peter Pan costume. Simply print it out, lay it against your felt and cut away. It will not take you long to make a healthy looking Peter Pan hat on your own.

Tip five : Your belt doesn’t need be perfect. Actually, you can make your belt part of your shirt on your Peter Pan costume if you want, by simply sewing it onto the shirt itself. A strip of light green felt and a black buckle will work completely and nobody will be the wiser that it isn’t a genuine belt.

Tip six : come up with a loosely fitted tunic from dark green felt. Peter Pan wore a dark green tunic, and you can simply create one with the jagged edges and all from dark green felt. To make this part of your Peter Pan costume, you’ll desire to be certain that you will get extremely thick felt or that you double it up so that it does not stretch or tear. Then, simply make a loose shirt, stitch it together and cut the sleeves and bottom to be the longer, ragged edges that he usually wore.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a great looking Peter Pan costume without much effort or much out of your position. It’s actually simple to form a great costume from nothing if you simply take your time and think about how you need the final result to look.

Bob Anderson is a costume enthusiast and for years has helped others discover their own unique and awesome Halloween costume experiences. If you’re looking for more Halloween Costume ideas, tips and tricks then checkout some of Bob’s costume ideas on Peter Pan Costume or Pin Up Girl Costumes .

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