Buying Mauviel of France Copper Cookware?

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One of the market leaders in high quality restaurant grade copper cookware is produced by Mauviel of France. They are known for high quality line of copper cook ware that is not only popular with the leading chefs, but even the average home consumer has been a patron. The gleaming copper cookware adds a rustic charm to professional and home cooking.

The Mauviel of France has been manufacturing copper cookware since 1830. It was originally founded by Mr. Ernest Mauviel in a tiny hamlet, Villedieu-les-Po√™les of Normandy, France. The name of the village stands for ‘city of copper’ due to the rich deposits of copper in the area. The village and surrounding areas had been making hand crafted copperware for over 800 years and the Mauviel of France copper cookware kept the legacy alive.

Today the Mauviel of France copper cookware company has been in business for over 180 years. The family owned company continues to manufacture the highest quality copper cookware using technologically enhanced production methods, adhering to strict quality checks and the tradition of excellent customer service to professional chefs and home users.

If you enjoy using copper cookware in your restaurants or at home, you need to use precautions for proper maintenance to keep your Mauviel of France copper gleaming cookware as good as new. To have organic cleaning paste, just mix a little lime juice and salt and rub onto the tarnished copper patches. The lime juice cuts into the oil, grime and dull patches while salt works as an abrasive. It is not only an eco friendly method of cleaning your copperware but more economical that buying chemical copper cleaners.

You can also soak in the copper utensils and cookware in hot water overnight for better cleaning, removing grease and left over food. You can also just cut a lemon, dip it in salt and use it as a scrubber on any of the Mauviel of France copper cookware to give it back its original shine. Leave it for a while and then use hot water to rinse and a soft cloth to wipe it dry. Using eco friendly methods can not only preserve the gloss of the metal but also prolongs the life of your copper cookware.

Mauviel of France offers over a range of over 1000 different type of home and restaurant grade cookware, crafted of aluminum, stainless steel and copper. The elegant and superior designed cookware manufactured by Mauviel of France not only has highest quality checks but is aesthetically pleasing to the professional chefs and household cooks. Every product crafted by Mauviel cookware range gives you years of durability and use no matter where you are using them.

If you have a hectic schedule and need to buy some amazing copper cookware and other bakeware, it is best to shop online. Though there are numerous online web stores, one of the best is With numerous cookware and bakeware items including some of the widest range of copper cookware from Mauviel of France, you will find all that you need for your commercial or home cooking requirements.

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