Tips to prepare Black tea

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Today we want to dedicate a special space to this tea of whose variety you can find a wide list in our online store. Pure black teas, but also mixed with other natural ingredients, such as fruits and flowers, that will transport you to unique moments of pleasure, as unique as the natural products, made with premium raw materials, gluten-free and, of course, with affection, without a doubt, are the key ingredient of their success. Black tea is one of the most demanded and it is not surprising taking into account all its properties and benefits for health, spirit, and soul.
Now that you know the properties and benefits of black tea, here is the recipe to prepare black tea.
Prepare a good cup of tea is an art.
The following are the five golden rules to better prepare a black tea, in a practical way, but without abandoning the traditional principles governing the ritual of tea:
* Prepare a number of packets equal to the number of cups you want to prepare. Consider typically one packet every 200 ml of water.
* Always use water fresh, avoiding boil several times (eg. Leaving residual water in the kettle).
* Bring water to a boil and then immediately put too steep the tea bags, with very hot water (90-100° C). For the teapot, porcelain is preferable.
* Leave to infuse up to the attainment of the desired aroma intensity, typically between 1 and 3 minutes and then remove the bags from the teapot.
* Serve plain or with added lemon or milk and sweeten to taste, according to your tastes.
Do not you have a porcelain teapot but a modern kettle? A little trick may be to carry out the ‘ infusion directly into the cup (glass or porcelain), preferably preheated with hot water (this will prevent the infusion to cool too quickly when poured into the cup). Then put a sachet of tea and pour directly into the piping hot water. Proceed as in steps 4 and 5. Always avoid infusing the sachets directly in the kettle (in plastic or steel).
As we have said, India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, so it is not surprising that tea, along with water, is the most consumed drink in this country, mainly black tea, which they drink with milk or with water, with and without sugar.

Indian people do not like the black tea. But it has amazing benefits for our health, here are some of the benefits available like reducing weight, healthy hair and skin becomes shiny.

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