The Toro Electric Snow Shovel Removes Snow Quickly


For many around the northern countries, crisp, cold fall days and the first snow is just around the corner. The first snow may be beautiful and magical, but going into the winter months the snow falls more often and accumulates more quickly. Most of us dread the thought of the heavy job of shoveling snow off our walkways, sidewalks, steps and driveways. A Toro Electric Snow Shovel is the answer to move snow off walking areas around your home or business.

Toro the name you know on dependable lawn and garden equipment also makes an electric snow shovel in either a 7.5 amp or 12 amp motor which enables it to throw or move 300 pounds of snow in just a minute. This Toro Electric Snow Thrower will allow you to clean a 20 x 50 foot driveway in just 20 minutes without breaking your back. It has a cleaning width of 12 inches and cuts 6 inches deep which enables you to walk back and forth sweeping snow off walkways and steps with quickness and ease.

The Toro Electric Snow Thrower is adjustable and ergonomically designed so the handles move to the correct height and angle that is comfortable for each individual. It is also lightweight, only 13 pounds, so it can be moved, turned and picked up easily during use. Since it is electric there would be concern with the cord; however, Toro put into this snow thrower’s design a cord lock design to eliminate any mishaps with the cord. Coleman Cable makes 50 to 100 feet low or all temperature extension cords that can be purchased separately to extend your electric snow shovels operating perimeter.

Owning a Toro Electric Snow Shovel is the best investment you could make if you live where it snows every winter. Just think also how ecologically friendly this machine is since it does not need oil or gasoline to operate. Toro provides a full two year warranty on its electric snow shovel, so you can’t go wrong with this choice for snow removal.

Find more information on the electric snow shovels such as the Toro 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower at

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18 thoughts on “The Toro Electric Snow Shovel Removes Snow Quickly”

  1. representing50plus says:

    someone was telling me about their push shovel thanks for the video. We just had a blizzard yesterday in NY I got 24 inches and of course the snow plows plowed me in. 3.16.17

  2. Jesusmuzik says:

    If you point the snow shovel at a angle, like the snow plows do, it should push the snow to the side an keep you from having to flip the shovel upwards. Just a thought.

  3. JoeyRetroRockets says:

    I'm a lifelong New Yorker and I long to live in a place like Nebraska. You and guys like you are the salt of the earth and watching your films help to restore my faith in my fellow man. I watch your videos every day now. May God keep you healthy, fed and warm.

  4. tomj528 says:

    Here in Wisconsin, especially in the off season, used snowblowers can be had for $100 in running condition and even free needing only a carburetor cleaning and maybe a new spark plug. My Toro was bought in 1986 from the hardware store that I was working at in high school and still runs like a top. I rebuilt the carb about 10 years ago and it always starts with one pull…even the first pull of the season. I only run pure gas with no ethanol in all of my small engines and I use Stabil in every tankful…it completely eliminates fuel problems. At the end of the season I completely run the fuel out of it, change the oil, fog the cylinder with oil, spray it down with car wash soap, rinse, leave it out to dry in the sun and wind then give it a light coat of WD40. You may find it to be a better and even cheaper solution to old man winter.

  5. obtucewillie says:

    If I dont rack my nuts when hitting a crack in the driveway its worth a hundred

  6. Robert Loban says:

    I haven't seen them, where do you get it?

  7. Erwin Schmidt says:

    Mr. Bill – Nice video and demo of your 3' shovel. Checked my Farmer's Almanac, and it says 0.0 inches of snow expected in Lake Alfred Florida this winter, so guess I'll just stay here. Still have to dodge the crazies on the road though!! Used to live in Michigan and shoveled enough snow already. Worst thing was slipping & falling on steps = bad news!

  8. TigerShark says:

    bill you need to install a heated driveway

  9. TigerShark says:

    whats dripping from your truck

  10. acgillespie says:

    We will be having the Mother of all Blizzards this year….We are going to get HIT with a mini ice age…many will NOT survive this winter..They are going to De-Populate the homeless & begin to clean up some towns and city's…..
    We need to look good for all the Refugee's…..Then they can Destroy it all again…

  11. HIPPIE1255 says:

    Awesome advice Mr. Bill. Weathers coming.

  12. P Victor says:

    very cool. (pardon the pun) Thank you, sir.

  13. SAUNDERSacts2618 says:

    Hello,we get no snow in mojave calif..its windy and hot.Good vid.Hey russia might attack us soon id hillary wins….i lilve right by edwards air force base….time to pray.

  14. RenegadeTimes says:

    Have one shovel like that but love that monster you have. Thanks Mr. Bill.

  15. hillandale5817 says:

    I live down the road in Davenport iowa  winter gets worst as you age ,you have a world of common sence God Bless you and yours.

  16. Jimi Rockefeller says:

    Winter is coming and she don't care about your religion or politics. Happy Harvest

  17. Jay Straw says:

    Great recommendation. It hasn't been that snowy the past 2 winters up here in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, but I want something like that shovel when nature decides her nap has made everyone complacent enough to wake up. Never seen a shovel like that before either. Take care and stay warm down there, Mr Bill.

  18. cillaloves2fish says:

    Good common sense vid Mr Bill! Thank goodness we (n metro Phoenix AZ area) don't get much snow… we r lucky if it rains!!!

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