Solar Patio Umbrellas Help Your Sanity Of Your Home Business

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Are you a home based business owner? Are you also the guy or gal that gets stuck indoors while the summer passes you by day after day? Well you no longer have to do that. You can start using solar power outside while you are online. That’s right, the technology is finally here and the opportunity has arrived. Also the added benefits go so much further than just using it for home based businesses.

There are other solar patio umbrellas that only have LEDs, which you can only use them at night time. With these solar patio umbrellas you can use them in the day or night. And you can also surf the internet. Read more information before you rush to find how much they are. There is a lot of good information to know about these patio umbrellas. From running your home business to doing other things as well. I have some of the details below.

The is the solar charging umbrella that you plug in your laptops and other electric devices. You will not have to wire it to the home or buy another adapter. The energy it gives out is 48 watts per hour. You are probably smiling or at least you have opened your eyes and realized that is a lot of power. And takes just 4 hours to charge and will power your device for 4 hours. It can also charge while you are plugged into, if you need to stay out longer. If you wanted to listen to a radio which was 10 watts you could be using it all day, without having to recharge. The times vary because it changes as you have different watts plugged in. So you probably see that your home business will benefit as well as other things you can do with the patio umbrella

And to help you make a better decision, what color would you like? They come in 5 colors which are blue,yellow, terracloth, white, and green. Those are a lot of choices, but a lot of people have different colored homes as well as different favorite colors. It comes with a stand and a durable aluminum pole to support the built-in inverter. And in case you did not know what an inverter is, it is a electronic equipment that will convert the solar energy power into usable electricity. The process in using this is so simple, your 9 year old daughter who may or may not have a laptop, she could use it. All you do is charge it and plug it in.

The price for one of these are $ 927. That was the last time I checked though. If you think that people do not pay those kinds of prices for patio umbrellas, please check the prices for patio umbrellas. Consumers will purchase products that are useful and bring value. Some businesses are selling patio umbrellas from $ 600 to $ 1400 dollars. And all of them do not have solar panels in them like these solar patio umbrellas do. Next time you stare out your window while working on the computer, remember you have a choice to enjoy the outdoors. Or you will only wish you could enjoy the outdoors while running your home business. You probably see the potential and have left this page to buy a solar charging umbrella.

Now you understand how you can work at home and not be stuck indoors while the summer goes by. You will be able to enjoy the weather while getting your work done. And you still make a living, while using solar power, and enjoying the weather. Every home business knows about the work day, and the sun coming and going.

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