Keeping Your Dog Water Bowl Clean Is Necessary To Your Dogs’ Life

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A dog water bowl is the most vital item you will get for your dog. A dog can have no food for days but can only go a few hours without water before dehydrating. You need to know the importance of a few things before getting a dog water bowl. One is how much water does your dog need a day and two is how many times a day you can fill and clean it.

A good rule is that your dog needs 1 cup of water for every five pounds of weight. For a small dog of 15 pounds that is 3 cups a day. When it comes to a large breed of dog they can easily weigh 100 pounds, that would mean 20 cups of water every day. That is a lot of water. Even a large dog bowl cannot hold that much water.

Choices for a dog water bowl are the same as they are for food bowls. Plastic, ceramic or stainless steel dog bowls. Stainless steel is the best all around because it is easy to clean, non breakable, and non-porous.

The water is constantly moving through a pump and filter, so it stays clean and the water flows down a chute into a bowl that your dog can drink from. This makes a great dog water bowl.

After you fill the petmate fresh flow it pumps the water through a filter continously so it stays clean and fresh all day. The water comes down a chute and into a bowl for your dog to drink. Remember it is vital that your dog water bowl is clean and filled for the size of your dog. Standing water can cause parasites in your dog.

My dog is fairly large and drinks about 18 cups of water every day, he has a large dog bowl, actually it is a raised dog bowl that I use for his water. I notice a film in the stainless steel bowl after he drinks a few times, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. He also splashes water all over the floor so I put a plastic mat under his dog feeding station.

Keep in mind clean water is essential to your dogs’ health so choose carefully when thinking of your dog water bowl purchase.

Alice Washerstein loves her dogs! Alice creates web sites about dog issues. Learn more about the dog water bowl and the Dog Feeding Station.

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