How to Find the Best Hammock, From the Best Hammock Store

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The world is full of different varieties of hammocks. There are beautiful and intricately woven Mayan hammocks with over 500 years of weaving tradition, cheap, yet colorful Brazilian hammocks and the ubiquitous white American rope hammock. But a top hammock store online may not carry them all. They may just specialize in one variety, so it helps to know what you’re looking for. Here are some hints to find the best hammock from the best hammock store.

Type of Hammock:

A hammock should be comfortable above all else. Flashy colors are great and definitely catch your eye in a crowded market. When it comes to comfort, however the top hammock in the list is the Mayan (Mexican) or Nicaraguan model. They are both hand-woven using a intricate “spring weave” that allows the hammock to stretch and conform to your body type. Solid fabric hammocks can’t do this and as a result feel much more rigid and unforgiving.


Cotton tends to be the most comfortable but can easily weather if left outside. For indoor use they are great. Nylon hammocks, especially after a few uses, tend to soften up and can be very comfortable in the Nicaraguan or Mayan weaves mentioned above. They also handle the elements much, much better and you’ll find they last much longer and hold their color better than cotton, which can fade. Sunbrella, canvas, and other such synthetic
materials will offer the ultimate in durability and resistance to rain and wind; but they tend to made in solid fabric (not woven) construction, which is much less comfortable.

Hammock Store:

The best hammock stores, which tend to be online will offer a few things. First, they should guarantee their products. There is a huge range of quality out there; from the very cheap and frail to intricately woven, carefully designed models that will stand the tests of time and comfort. Also, they should give clear descriptions of the quality and origin of their hammocks. Look for a website that is easy and simple to order from. If just buying a hammock is complicated, try to imagine what returning one might be like. Also, a good hammock company should offer some diagrams or tips on how to use or hang their hammocks. This is a good indication of a company that knows its stuff and is trying to be helpful.
And lastly, when you find that perfect hammock online, write a review or share your purchase on Facebook or Twitter, good companies deserve the recognition and your sharing will ensure that more people get a great nap at a fair price!

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