Common Convection Microwave Sizes

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The convection microwave is one of those appliances that are starting to gain interest among the public who can afford to purchase something a step above conventional microwave ovens. A convection microwave is a newer kind of microwave that combines the defrosting powers of a traditional microwave with the cooking powers of a convection oven. The resulting product can cook, brown, bake and roast food, as well as perform the general duties of defrosting and heating up food.

As far as microwaves go, the convection microwave is often a larger and more powerful version of normal microwaves. This is because a convection microwave has greater functionality and contains heating fans in addition to its magnetic apparatus. Even so, convection microwaves come in a variety of sizes, weights, capacities and power values. This can make it confusing for buyers when deciding on a convection microwave model to buy.

Various Convection Microwave Sizes

The larger a convection microwave is, the faster it will cook food. Very large microwaves are best for restaurants, hotels, and industrial purposes. The smaller and medium sized convection microwave ovens are suited to homeowners who wish to do some quick and easy cooking without lighting the stove or using too much oil or ghee.

General categories have been made in convection microwave sizes that are as follows:

* Small microwaves: Between 20 inches by 12 inches width and length, and 24.5 inches by 15 inches width and height, with a depth of 19 inches.

* Medium microwaves: 24 inches in width and 18 inches in length.

* Large microwaves: 27 inches in width and 21 inches in length.

If you have limited counter space, you should purchase a smaller oven. Alternatively, you can get a built-in or over the range installation to overcome that problem.

Convection Microwave Capacities

Another measure for the convection microwave is that of capacity. You could decide the dimensions of your oven according to how many people you will be cooking for, taking into account the size of your existing microwaveable dishes.

A per-person estimate of suitable oven sizes:

1. One person = 0.5-0.8 cubic feet
2. Two people = 0.9-1.3 cubic feet
3. Three people = 1.4-1.6 cubic feet
4. Four people = 1.8-2.0 cubic feet

Normally, 2 cubic feet is the largest convection microwave capacity and is enough for larger families as well.

The power capacity of these ovens ranges from 600-1000 W, with 700 W being most common as most Indian recipes made for convection ovens give heating times and temperatures according to this power. The Panasonic convection microwave range of models come in all these sizes and power units so it is easy to find the one you need.

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