Why you should not work for long time at one place

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The article I am sharing to all the employees like web designers, graphic designers, and software developers etc who are used to or habituated working at one place for long hours every day on computers. Some may have misunderstood the title as if I was asking you not to stay longer in one company. However, I am not advising you that. Staying and working with one company for years will of course give you benefits in return.

There are many physical and psychological side effects people face who work for long hours every day on computers. It is pretty hard to explain why you should not sit for long hours without any break. But I can for sure make you realize why we should change our style of working. Take a very small example here. You have a car but you don’t drive it for 24 hours at a stretch. Practically, you know that a car that runs 2 – 4 hours every day would be a well maintained compared to a car that runs for about 16 hours a day. It does not matter either you are a web designer, graphic designer or a programmer but we all know the fact that we are totally depended on three important parts of our body your eye, brain and bingers.

Eye: It directly affects your eyes negatively when you focus to some object from a fixed distance for longer period of time. Your focus can begin to fatigue. Every eyes have its own capacity. There is nothing fixed. Some people might get affected sooner in a year or two and some may start finding after 10 – 15 years. Our eyes are a very important organ which reacts to light for several purposes. It is the most sensible organ that allows vision. If you are a graphic designer or a web designer let me tell you a very important point you may not know about our eyes. It can distinguish about 10 million colors.

Brain: If you remember, we were advised or we have heard at least once in a life from our parents “Don’t watch TV sitting very near to the television set.” Haven’t we? Well our eye is the most sensitive organ directly connected with our brain. Just like we have CPU (Central Processing Unit) in our PC set the same we have “The human brain” for our body. Our brain is the center of our nervous system. Our brain monitors and regulates the body’s actions and reactions. We receive all our visions through our eyes and our eyes help our brain in continuously receiving important information. Our brain then rapidly analyzes this data and then responds accordingly by commanding or controlling body actions. Thus our body is functioned with the two most important organs that help us survive in our industry.

Fingers: When your eye and brain has adopted some psychological or physical disorder, you can’t expect your fingers to react and do the job for you.
I being aweb designer, I have seen my colleagues experience some or the other kind of disorders. We being in IT profession, our duty is as such that we can’t or we do not want to resist away from our desk until the job is done. So give a break to your eyes. Look around. Get up and go out for a small break for 5 minutes every hour.

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