Why People Prefer Coleman Generator?


Electricity has been a big part of everyone’s lives. You do things like research and cooking with electricity and it is only natural that when you are having problems with your connections you seek an answer. Generator has been created to solve exactly your daily electric supply problem.

There are many companies or manufacturer that produces this product because of how lucrative the business had become. Homeowners are drawn in buying one for their own. One of the leading producers of such is Coleman with their Coleman Generator. Many have preferred to use this manufacturer’s creation because of its high performance on the field and ever trusting product quality.

Although generators had helped many people for many years now it is also undeniable that there are risks that should be considered when having one at home. Fire and electrocution are the common hazards but there is also another dangerous problem lurking and that is carbon monoxide poisoning. What make it more dangerous than others is that you do not get a warning. CO or carbon monoxide does not have a distinct smell and you cannot see it.

The thing is when you start to feel a little dizzy and feeling weak it is already a telltale sign that you are already having a carbon monoxide poisoning episode. What should you do? The very first thing that you should do is to get out of the place to take in some fresh air. Read the warning labels you get when you buy one of those generators because you will get instructions on what to do and what to expect when something like that comes up. Take time to read and understand the instructions and not rush to plug it in and keep it running. Your safety should come first.

Do not forget to place your generators outdoors in a dry and cool environment. You will definitely need an extension for this. Be sure that the one you have is made up especially for outdoor use. Check for any sign of damage, cuts or opening son the cord. This may cause another problem like fire and burns. These are really critical things that you have to consider. Do not take it lightly at all or else you will find your self with no house and in a hospital bed.

You can ask the dealers before buying anything to explain how the thing works. They are knowledgeable on the field and you can ask them to explain the stuff that is not clear to you. Reading books and magazines about this thing can also help you a lot. The internet is another good source of information. You can join in several forums and thread that cater to your questions and need for additional information. You can also access many articles and write-ups written by the experts and professional and even ordinary people who are knowledgeable on the field.

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This video is the first part in our video series on how to build a generator shed. It shows how to build the foundation and floor using treated lumber.
Generator Enclosure Plans detailing the construction of this and other generator sheds can be found at
This video covers the shed foundation and floor building steps including the of cutting out the foundation skid boards, squaring up the foundation to get it ready to install the flooring, installing the floor boards and then making the floor and foundation solid by adding secondary screws. At the end of this video the shed foundation and floor are ready to have the walls framed on top of them.

Watch all the videos in our “How to Build a Generator Shed” series to see the whole generator enclosure being built and learn how to build it yourself.

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7 thoughts on “Why People Prefer Coleman Generator?”

  1. Nonoyo Bisness says:

    I just bought these plans from your web site. The plans show the 3 skid boards running left to right at 5'2" length each, and 15 2"x4" boards running front to back at 3'8" length each. Why are the plans different? Does it matter?

  2. Gauthier Homeschool says:

    Noticed the shed is being build on a patio.  What is the finished weight of the shed (since you will probably have to move it to a final location)?

  3. iCreatables says:

    These plans are available on our website at

  4. Kimiko Gleeson says:

    Thank you for your movie.
    Whatever skill level you've got, it is possible to build a professional outdoor storage shed by using this plan.
    Have a look at the following site for additional information:

  5. PgPgDn says:

    NIce job! Where can I get the actual plans?

  6. cumminsscout says:

    Rats and mice are why it needs wire!

  7. motordar says:

    What about putting some bug screen on the bottom to stop them from getting into the box?

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