Thermal Fogger for Sale – Perfect Tool to Control Pest and Routine Disinfections


Whether you are in the business of pest control or public health department, there is always need of thermal Foggers as an advanced system which with its heating solution turns the liquid insecticide into a mist or fog to spray for efficient penetration. It is good to use at the hard to reach areas and control the pest and insects.

Are you looking for the thermal fogger devices as the top pest control machines in your region? Do you think it as a right liquid carrier to disperse the insecticide without any stains or missing the locations? Of course, as the populated areas require regular thermal fogging services to keep free from pest and insects. In that regard, we help you get the perfect device from our range of Thermal Fogger for Sale which are easy to use and travel to long distances without any management issue.

Well, thermal fogger machines are the advanced generation of the ultra-fine droplets which are vaporized in the unit to form ultra thin aerosols by reducing the contact with the cool air. Mostly, people prefer these machines for the pest control task to disperse the liquid at the inaccessible places without forming any residues. Get your desired range from Thermal Fogger for Sale and treat large areas of your farm and garden without any professional help or guidance as well. The main factor that lets people choose from our range of thermal Foggers is its specific applications which include portability, purpose and reliability as well.

You can use it with mixed chemicals which are active ingredients on the pest and produces fog with high effectiveness. Get better performance with our various models from Thermal Fogger for Sale and give outstanding coverage to the larger areas and backyards. We present you ULV Foggers which produce finer droplets and save your money from spending on the other expensive and tough to handle devices. As finer droplets move freely in the air and protect from airborne pests, choose it and use for a clean and safe environment around and far off distance.

However, it is your choice and our service to give you the best and makes it a perfect application in a good and bad weather condition. In case, if you are more prone to strong rain and wind, then oil based liquid proves to be a perfect choice to fill in the Fogger and spray at the targeted area. If you are vexed to use the same old fogger, then check our Thermal Fogger for Sale and pick your choice to enjoy new features and save time and money like never before.

Check our record of success where clients have achieved best experience with the use of these machines and enjoying clean and fresh environment. As now, you have known more about our fogger equipments, it is the moment to click on and let the troubling pest run away without any return anytime. Finally, go through the range and choose your preferred device at an affordable price.

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The Burgess Outdoor Propane Insect Fogger is a great way to help you regain some of your outdoor living space. There are a variety of options, but I am not a big fan of bug sprays, Citronella candles are barely effective, and devices like the Mosquito Magnet are non-toxic but very expensive. My new favorite method is to use the Burgess Fogger.

My Thoughts-

– It is effective, especially if used every few days as a systemic approach to reducing the entire mosquito population. You may still see an occasional mosquito, but their population seems to be cut by about 90%.

– There is a slight smell – not really an odor, but more like the smell of burning oil (think of an oil lamp)

– The propane tanks are very inexpensive

– The Black Flag solution is required, and it is tough to find. I have looked for it at Lowes, Target, Walmart, and a local hardware store without nay luck. I have come to expect that the only place I will be able to buy it is on Amazon.

– The 40oz tank is too big. This really is my biggest complaint. A 32oz bottle of Black Flag will only 80% fill the bottle, but the pump on the Burgess unit essentially needs it to be about 50% full so that the pump will reach the solution. This is unfortunate, because it means that at about 50% you will need additional solution.

– Having said that – the Burgess fogger is very economical in its use of Black Flag solution. I am able to cover an acre or so with only about 4-5oz per application.

– Seems to work on all of the annoying bugs – Mosquitos, flies, and gnats. However, it seems to not have any effect of bees, butterflies, and lightning bugs. How awesome is that?

– I have asked my neighbors if they mind if I fog their yards too. They are more than happy to have me reduce their mosquitos, and for me it creates an even larger buffer between and the bugs.

– So far, I have fogged a variety of plants… including some Hydrangeas, decorative Plum trees, Crab Apples, and a variety of other plants without damaging the plants.

– I never leave the Black Flag solution in the Burgess Fogger – the problem is that every time I pour the solution out of the reservoir into the Black Fog bottles I seem to always spill or waste some of the solution.

– Make sure that you allow the fogger warm up for a few minutes before using – you will know that it is ready when the fogger stops spitting fluid and everything comes out as fog.

As you know – Mosquitoes bites can cause a wide variety of ailments, such as – West Nile Virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Rift Valley Fever, and even encephalitis.

Final Verdict- The Burgess Propane Fogger is a very effective at reducing the population of mosquitos, flies, and gnats. While it does require an insecticide, I still think it is a better option that risking the West Nile virus and other diseases spread by mosquitos. For our family it has become our number one option for making our backyard much more comfortable.

4 1/2 stars
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20 thoughts on “Thermal Fogger for Sale – Perfect Tool to Control Pest and Routine Disinfections”

  1. Tommy Hooks says:

    I've had this unit for nearly 20 years. It works so well that you can totally eliminate mosquitoes, flying gnats, yellow flies ! It is a 5 star product. Over the years, all my relatives have purchased their own unit. I enjoy using it so much, I have sprayed my neighbors and relatives yards because I knew they would appreciate not having mosquitoes to deal with. I live in the country and this is another "most have tool" !

  2. stephanie bradley says:

    Mine just doesn't work I have tried every combination of insecticide it produce a very fine thin stream occasionally but I never get fog it's so frustrating!!!!

  3. Burk Efe says:

    i just bought the cutter fogger (it was the only option in home depot store) after i watched your video.. these foggers are yard savers. very efficient.. if you want to enjoy your yard, just fog it later afternoon, close to dusk. i pair this with few tiki torches using bite fighter oil.. amazing result.

  4. Josh Maier says:

    I like it too and it works pretty good with exception if you squeeze the trigger to often it turns into a flamethrower

  5. Nonnof Yobiznes says:

    I'm concerned if it'd harm the bees.

  6. Tracy Skubal says:

    I would like to use one of these for oxalic acid to treat my bees. Have you heard of this?

  7. Charlotte L Powell says:

    Just wondering if a propane mix would work? Most shops here sell propane/ butane mix. Thanks.

  8. Whitney Stanek says:

    Have you ever had any issues with using the larger propane tank instead of the suggested 14.1?

  9. Paolo Masetti says:

    How to buy in Thailand

  10. dalepres1 says:

    15 seconds of fog and 3:46 of looking at what may as well have been a still photo.

  11. native ojibwa says:

    if the black flag does not work for you ie: not effective, you could hit up a do it yourself pest control website or store if there is one in your area…you can buy the same fogger chemicals the PC companies use..

  12. native ojibwa says:

    use a large masson jar instead of res provided.

  13. Robert Heintz says:

    I wonder if you could use Diesel instead of Black Flag insecticide?

  14. Rory Paul says:

    I tried this fogger last year and like the fogger itself but the Black Flag insecticide is not very effective. I am going to try a combination of permethrin and pyrethrin with kerosene instead of paying $10 for Black Flag that does not appear to work.

  15. richmond resada says:

    Will it keep the flies away?

  16. Travis Grider says:

    Walmart sell the fogged and insecticide

  17. charles lavery says:

    Respirator mask should be recommended.

  18. Nick Xenakis says:

    If you add a mixture of Hemp oil and Mineral Oil 3:1 It will calm routy neighbors and turn the bees and wasps into friendly pets.

  19. Gordon McElvany says:

    Just substitute a standard I pint mason jar and you won't need as much pesticide.

  20. Angelo Bonsignore says:

    I don't think thats safe to breath!

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