Sugar Bowl Tickets – Top Four Teams to Bet On

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Predicting who will make the Sugar Bowl- and even better, who will win the Sugar Bowl- is a very hard thing to do with only a couple weeks of competition left. But those are exactly they reasons you’ll want to get in on the action and make a few perfectly legal, perfectly conservative and non-habit forming bets on the winner of this game. If you are taking a trip to Vegas or are spending time offshore, then there are probably some great deals on futures betting for the Sugar Bowl game. Here are a few teams in which you might want to invest. Of course, you could also just in vest in some Sugar Bowl tickets and get the reward of seeing a good game, without the chance of losing your bets.

1. Alabama

Alabama makes an interesting pick here because you’re basically betting that the Crimson Tide will lose their spot atop the rankings and wind up not in the National Title Game. Right now they have one of the best shots of winning the whole thing, because if things were determined today, they’d be playing for the championship of college football. Alabama can make a misstep in any number of places, as they have a tough road ahead. They play Mississippi State and Auburn at home in the regular season. Assuming they can win those two games, ‘Bama would then have to win the SEC title game, presumably against either Florida or Georgia- not exactly a walk in the park. If you think ‘Bama will give up their top spot before the end of it all, just like several other No. 1s this season, then they might just get invited to the Sugar Bowl as the SEC champion replacement pick.

2. Utah

Utah has a shot at the Sugar Bowl if they can finish out the season undefeated. Last year Hawaii, a WAC team, was invited to play the Sugar Bowl because they finished the year with a perfect record, so it makes sense that the Sugar Bowl might again select an undefeated team (this time from the Mountain West) as a replacement if either an SEC team or a Big 12 team makes the National Title Game. Utah has two more regular season games left to play, the first of which ought to be an easy victory over San Diego State (1-9). The Utes will then have to face 9-1 BYU (also an in-state rival) at home to finish undefeated before the Mountain West Championship game, which will be another hard one. Utah looked shaky in their last game, a home win over TCU, 13-10. They beat New Mexico by the same score a week previous to that one.

3. Florida

Assuming the Gators don’t make the National Championship Game, they might easily slide into the Sugar Bowl, which wouldn’t be as desirable as going to the BCS Title game in Dolphin Stadium, but still a good reason to travel to the game, assuming they can act fast to get Sugar Bowl tickets. Perhaps parlay Florida losing the SEC title game with Florida winning the Sugar Bowl over Utah. Now that’s some action!

4. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh looks like they’re headed to a top bowl this season, but they might have to win the Big East to secure a spot in the Sugar Bowl. The road ahead is very tough, as they face Cincinnati, West Virginia and Connecticut (combined record of 19-8) in regular season games, and then win again in the Big East title game, presumably another gave versus either WVU or Cincy.

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In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents Super Bowl 23 between the Cincinnati Bengals & San Francisco 49ers!

4:16 Montana Fumbles Snap

16:24 Cofer 41-yard Field Goal

23:00 Jerry Rice 30-yard Catch

26:06 Cofer Misses 19-yard Field Goal

29:26 Taylor Long Punt Return

31:58 Craig Fumbles, Bengals recover

35:30 Boomer Esiason Sacked on Third Down

42:47 Boomer 18-yard Pass

46:00 Breech 34-yard Field Goal

55:02 Boomer to Collinsworth for 23 yards

57:30 Boomer 20-yard Pass

1:04:41 Breech 43-yard Field Goal

1:11:07 Boomer Picked Off by Romanowski

1:14:04 Cofer 32-yard Field Goal

1:14:24 Jennings 93-yard Kick Return TD

1:16:59 Rice 31-yard Catch

1:17:46 Montana 40-yard Pass

1:19:15 Montana to Rice 14-yard TD

1:24:56 Montana to Rice for 44 yards

1:27:45 Cofer Misses 49-yard Field Goal

1:36:34 Breech 40-yard Field Goal

1:38:25 Start of Montana Game-Winning Drive

1:43:22 Montana to Rice for 27 yards

1:44:46 Montana to Taylor for Game-Winning TD

1:48:18 Final Play of Game

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice had a game for the ages in Super Bowl XXIII. The Pro Football Hall of Famer set a Super Bowl record with 215 receiving yards and took home MVP honors. But it was Joe Montana, who led the 49ers on a 92-yard, game-winning drive late to help the Niners claim their 3rd Lombardi Trophy of the decade.

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