Shovel Snow While Staying Healthy

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It has been shown that there are a number of Americans who die of heart attack each year. Among these unlucky souls, a small subset of them suffers the attack while doing the seemingly innocent task of shoveling snow. To these statisticians, however, the subset is small enough to be considered negligible. It’s funny how some people seem to devalue human life and well being to “interpretable data”.

The very act of using a shovel exerts a lot of energy. Add to that the fact that everyone, including some of the older folks, needs to clear their lawn after every snowfall, and you’ll understand why these unfortunate events occur. This exertion of force is not something that most people are accustomed to doing yearly, so the sudden unloading of energy can shock the human body. Nevertheless, the snow shovel is still viewed as the best option because of its affordability.

Improving upon the basic design of the snow shovel is thus the safe path to take, if you want to be able to clear the snow more properly. Thankfully, I have recently discovered a new invention that does just that. My dear readers; let me introduce you to the wovel.

What, then, is this wovel, and how is it different from the snow shovel that we are accustomed to? In a nutshell, a wovel is similar in design to its predecessor. The main difference, though, lies with the bungee-like cord attached near the blade of the wovel’s blade. The cord is just less than three feet long, ending in a handle that is similar to that of the main tool’s shaft.

The science in the wovel is easy to understand; by attaching a cord that can be easier to grasp than the tip of the shovel blade, you no longer have to bend down while working. You are thus able to properly utilize your upper body strength more without endangering it. Also, the elasticity of the cord itself lends some energy to the swing of the wovel. You are eased off a lot of the required energy, and you don’t put yourself in danger. What else can you ask for?

With the severity of winter in his state, Douglas Cordell was this close to buying an expensive tool before he discovered the Best Snow Shovel. If you want to Shovel Snow in half the time, be sure to disover our best snow shovels!

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