Do You Want To Install A Steam Shower Generator?


People are using a steam shower generator to turn their enclosed bathtub or shower, into a sauna. Many use the guest bath, and convert it into a family spa. Some people install the component in the shower near their outdoor pool.

They are then able to take a cool dip in the pool during autumn evenings and then step out and into a warm and relaxing steam bath. The generator can be installed in a nearby cabinet or crawlspace and most units can be as far as twenty five feet from the actual shower so it can be easily concealed from view. Some homes have a Jacuzzi tub and steam bath combination.

People who have a tough day at work can relax in the tub and then move to the steam room which has been shown to increase blood circulation. It also boosts the immune system, and helps with sinus and congestion relief. People with asthma have also reported positive results from using a steam bath.

Remodeling is a good way to increase the value of a home. But the best way to increase the value of a home is to remodel the bathroom or the kitchen. People looking to buy a home, place a lot of emphasis on these two rooms.

Most people in the real estate business believe that a remodeling job will increase the value of the home five times the cost of the home improvement. If someone spends two thousand dollars on remodeling, will increase the value of the property by ten thousand dollars.

The sauna also saves money on the water bill. It takes less than a couple of gallons of water for the average steam bath. Most people are looking for any way to save money these days and will appreciate the water usage savings. The generator is not difficult to install for those with basic home remodeling skills.

Of course, most home owners will hire a professional to put in the unit, but it is not a difficult task for those with plumbing experience. Those installing it themselves will save money of course on the installation charge. But even those who are looking for plumber to install it, can get good deals if they shop around. Many plumbing companies are looking for jobs these days and may offer a discount.

Many want to install a sauna because steam benefits the skin. Perspiring is the way the body detoxifies the skin. Many people say that when they get out of their sauna, they have a healthy glow. Steam also helps pores open and release built up grime and dead skin from the underlying cell layer.

Many people want to join a spa. But they do not because of the time it takes to go to the spa, take a steam bath, shower, and then drive home. Having a steam bath in the home is time saver. The price of the unit is very reasonable.

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This is a newly designed and fabricated generator shelter I just completed. It features all steel construction with machined greaseable weld on hinges. It has it’s own theft alarm system along with it’s own cooling fan and a wireless remote start amongst other cool features.

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20 thoughts on “Do You Want To Install A Steam Shower Generator?”

  1. sara jenkins says:

    very nice!   well done sir..

  2. Todd Estes says:

    I would've put some type of rigid foam in a egg carton shape to bounce the sound around inside to help muffle the noise level

  3. Jungle Jim says:

    Dude, what happens when the high wind from a storm holds your flapper on the exhausted open and allows torrential rain to enter it??? Solution: put a 180 degree tube turn on the exhaust so it is facing downward and add a spark arrestor to it so if there is still no utility electrify yet and all the leaves have died out your not starting forest fires, because your unit is setting very close to a wooded area. Question..have you tried your remote start form inside your house. Also, where/how are you going to refuel the unit during a storm???

  4. Temistocles Bernard says:


  5. Dragonfly says:

    You know your stuff or _ _ _ _. You should make a good diagram and post it on line.

  6. Gary Crumrine says:

    Love the design Paul. Have you thought about some boom mat or sound attenuation material you see put under carpeting etc. in a car.

  7. Lee Vining says:

    Laminar hood.

  8. Lee Vining says:

    Clever as all get out.
    Thumbs up.
    How about an update?

  9. Joseph Leskin says:

    I would've brought the exhaust out the top of the box for safety sake. Kids playing around would grab onto that HOT pipe which also should be painted red as a warning. Otherwise you did a great job on that box.

  10. Jim M says:

    I like your attention to detail in your workmanship right down to epoxy paint and curved top. A1.

  11. carl cappy says:

    What would a generator box with the identical makeup sell for ? This is the best generator box I have seen on the internet. By the way, do you have the dimensions for that box? If so, why not put it on you tube and see if anybody wants to buy one.

  12. Ron Moss says:

    Very nice…..great craftsmanship . How much was the remote start ?

  13. Marc Magee says:

    Hello Paul. Great setup you have there. I am thinking of getting the same generator. Question I have for you is; how do your electronics work with it. Is the power as stable as Honda says it is? Wouldn't want to damage computers, TV and the like.

  14. Jason Bondy says:

    Outstanding job, very well engineered and constructed. I have been in the generator service world for close to 20 years and I have to tip my hat to you on this.

  15. Scott F. says:

    That's a fantastic job! It looks like a transformer. None of that is overkill for this province, can't be to secure or weather tight. Next step….roll of foam for acoustics and an off the shelf cartridge air filter for that cooling air intake to keep the blowing snow from getting drawn in the shelter.

  16. Marc Lansard says:

    very nice work,thanks for the demo.

  17. James Leahy says:

    Beautiful workmanship! What do you think about lining the interior with Dynamat?

  18. Cooking with Peter Agostini aka jdcap26 says:

    You should list all the parts . nice job .

  19. Larry Ciarrocchi says:

    Rubber blocks under the outside skids and under the interior tie down bolts would have made it just a bit quieter. Anti-vibration wise.

  20. lerch25 says:

    Impressive work! The danger stickers are a real clever idea, any would be thieves will be scared away thinking they will die if they open the box.

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