Upgrade to a Power Wheelchair

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The power wheelchair, also known as the electric wheelchair, has been around for some time. However, many are still using the manual wheelchair. There are so many benefits of upgrading to a power wheelchair, and the additional convenience of the device is definitely a great boon to the mobility of the aged or otherwise disabled.

Today’s power wheelchair technology has advantages that may seem unreal. Perhaps there are so many advantages that changing to a power chair can be a bit overwhelming. Indeed, many disabled persons who could definitely benefit from the conversion from a manually operated wheelchair to a more advanced power model, resist the change.

But, knowledge is power and the more potential users know about today’s advanced power products, the more likely they are to change and enjoy life more. Many manufacturers have so much confidence in their products that they permit potential users to sample the newest products.

Therapists suggest that there are three primary reasons users of manual wheelchairs resist change. The most compelling reason disabled persons need power equipment is the level of the disability mandates change. Unfortunately, the original health condition can deteriorate and make a power chair absolutely necessary. This leads directly to the second reason people need to change and that is amount of time since the original disability. The longer the individual endures the disability, the more likely the user is to need a power chair. The third reason is age.

Simply put, manual wheelchairs often require strenuous effort, and even then are not only difficult to operate but are also difficult to navigate. Many times, users refuse to admit to what they perceive to be irreversible deterioration. However, the fatigue and pain associated with the effort required to operate the manual chair can contribute to the level of the patient’s deterioration.

When manual chairs cause loss of strength, loss of function, increased pain, posture difficulties, sores or fatigue, isn’t it time to try a better way?

Today’s power chairs come in lightweight and heavyweight varieties. Rear wheel, front wheel, all wheel and center wheel options are available. Some of the most interesting new technology includes the use of computers to assist persons of all degrees of disability to drive and navigate the chair.

Today’s power chairs use batteries to drive the computers. The four or five amp battery can be charged by simply attaching a power lead to a household outlet. This is a great convenience as there are no special charging devices that are needed to power the wheelchair. A single charge can last quite long indeed.

There are many options from which to decide. To assure user comfort, potential candidates and their families should be prepared to spend a good deal of time meeting with manufacturer representatives who can explain all the options and costs.

Power wheelchairs are larger and are bulkier than manual chairs. They are also significantly more expensive. But, when quality of life is factored in, there really is no comparison between the state-of-the-art power wheelchairs of today and any other type.

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