Finding the Right Snow Shovel For You


One of the sad things about winter is the fact that you have more chores to do. You have to reinforce your electric wires against the cold, you have to make sure that the trees in your backyard don’t have branches that reach your driveway, and of course, you have to clear the snow that blocks your path. Of these, the first two are extra chores you have to do at the start, but snow clearing itself must be done after every snowfall.

As the never-ending battle against snow continues, we are on the constant lookout for new tools with which to equip ourselves. One such contraption is the popular snow blower. It eliminates most of your workout and does the trick in less time. However, in these tough economic times, the cost of the snow blower is just too high.

Here’s a suggestion: Why not stick to the basics of snow shoveling? Shoveling snow could be a fine workout, if done properly. Just remember a few things, if you want to stay safe:

1) Remember to stretch before starting the exercise – You can do a normal stretching routine, or just walk around the block once or twice. Just make sure that your muscles don’t get a sudden shock from the physical effort. This will lower the risk of heart attack, which is a common hazard during snow shoveling.

2) Stoop your knees, not your back, while shoveling – It is so tempting and natural for us to bend our back while shoveling snow. But if you do this, you will risk hurting your back, spraining it or worse.

On the other hand, you may be fond of new gadgetry, so try hunting for those that improve upon the snow shovel’s design rather than a total replacement for the basic shovel. The best choice in the market right now is a shovel that has an additional feature; a length of cord not unlike a bungee rope that is about three feet in length. It is attached to the shovel, and the elasticity adds force to your work, plus the length of cord attached means you extend your arm’s reach so you can work without needing to bend down.

With the severity of winter in his state, Douglas Cordell was this close to buying an expensive tool before he discovered the Best Snow Shovel. If you want to Shovel Snow in half the time, check out our new and innovative tool!

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4 thoughts on “Finding the Right Snow Shovel For You”

  1. Firstname Lastname says:

    This is an exercise tool, right? to help do leg lunges?
    Does it convert to a unicycle in the spring and summer months?

  2. Pimp Vlogs says:


  3. Andy Chow says:

    single wheel = harder to balance  and this would be much harder 1 handed  + if you hit ice spot … you could slip out but this tool has one of the largest wheels ….36" i think

  4. hello19286 says:


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