You Should Own A Leather Desk Blotter

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As a writer, I need a few tools at my disposable to get the old creative juices flowing and my writing done. This includes a desk, a desktop computer – or laptop when I am on the road, and a very comfortable chair. That said however, I am also an old-fashioned writer in that I would oftentimes write with a pen on a loose leaf paper. Even when I am commuting back and forth from work I carry a small pad with paper and a pen just in case I have an idea that needs to be written down right away. These are some of the things you need to do and have as a professional writer. But nothing really beats working at a desk, writing atop my leather desk blotter.

Even if you are not a writer like me, but a professional with your own office, you should still have a leather desk blotter. Having a desk blotter is a simple but surprisingly great way to decorate your office and show off to any visitors and clients that you take yourself and your position seriously. This in turn tells them that you take their coming in to do business with you seriously. But why does having a flat piece of hardened leather measuring about a foot in length on top of your desk convey that? It is because the appearance of professionalism is just as important as the service you provide.

Let us say that two people are working in the same exact profession with the same level of expertise. Both of them come to you to offer their services at the same price you can agree with. One of them is dressed in a nice dress shirt and tie with a matching jacket and slacks. The other is in baggy jeans, an oversized shirt, and unruly hair. By shear reflex, which of these two would to want to do business with? Easy answer. You would do business with the person who is dressed nicely. Why? Because they obviously care about the message they are trying to convey to the people they are trying to do business with. Details like this are important in the business world. You must not only act the part, you must look the part.

It is kind of hard to fathom a simple leather desk blotter conveying the message that the person who owns it is a professional but accouterments like that are worn on individuals just to show off a certain image. Think of it in terms of wardrobe and fashion and it will make sense.

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