Super Bowl Tickets – The Show Must Go On

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Even in tough economic times, American traditions still forge onward. This is the message the 2009 Super Bowl is sending the nation, and the great American pastime of Super Bowl commercials is blasting out the memo loud and clear. Despite economic crises at the forefront of many big businesses and corporations, several of the most popular names in brands and companies are still shoveling out the big bucks to get a 30-second slot during the game for a much-anticipated commercial.

Because the Super Bowl is the most watched event in the nation (with around 100 million U.S. viewers annually) a 30-second spot for a commercial during the football game runs for around $ 3 million, which is no chump change in the current economy. Despite the hefty costs, however, commercial favorites are still preparing for hilarious ads to be aired during the Super Bowl XLIII championship game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Longtime Bowl advertisers like Anheuser-Busch and Audi will undoubtedly be back with the same furor in their commercials that will leave the nation highly amused, and while other normal advertisers like General Motors and FedEx could be sitting this Super Bowl on the sidelines, other ventures such as Denny’s will be making first-time entrances on the big game scene.

Super Bowl commercials are, for some, the highlight of the NFL championship game every year, and pressure to please American audiences is intense as the big game rolls around. In last year’s Super Bowl game, regardless of who actually remembers the New York Giants beating the New England Patriots on the field, crowds bonded over commercials like Hank the Clydesdale in one awe-inspiring Budweiser commercial, Justin Timberlake dragged across the ground by a slurping Pepsi-Cola and politicians James Carville and Senator Bill Frist connecting over some ice cold Coca-Colas.

Football fans didn’t even need Super Bowl tickets to watch some of the best parts of the televised program, and this year’s game could prove to be similarly exciting when it comes to Super Bowl ads.

Two groups of football fanatics sure to miss these gut-busting commercials this year are the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers, as the two teams will be busy squaring off at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on February 1 for the Super Bowl XLIII championship title. The Cardinals became the NFC champions this year after beating the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game, and the Pittsburgh Steelers had a similar accomplishment in the AFC after defending the championship title from the Baltimore Ravens.

Aside from the celebrated Super Bowl XLIII featuring the Cardinals and the Steelers, the huge event will also include celebrity performances from Faith Hill in the pregame, Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem and Bruce Springsteen headlining the halftime show. The 2009 Super Bowl is sure to be all it’s been building up to be and more, so get tickets to the big game and head down to Tampa for some incredible post-season football action!

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