Reception Furniture Guidelines For The Busy Dental Practice

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Planning opening a new Dental Practice or considering a refurbishment? Taking time to consider the immediate impact created by the reception is well worth it.

Having provided reception area solutions for a number of years we have found that most callers are missing vital information to enable an effective design and need to be guided to provide the key facts.

Is visitor seating to be provided Number of staff to be seated at the desk Location of entrances and exits Dimensions of the room Positioning of the desk Are retail goods or other items to be displayed Whether there is a requirement for Disabled access (DDA) Key colours, materials and finishes required. Is the desk to be straight or shaped and if so angled or curved.

By considering this list it is possible to iron out many of the issues and reduce frustration.

It is not uncommon for our clients to anticipate theirs to be a bespoke requirement.

However, reception desks individually produced but to a modular format which is tried and tested are usually the best solution.

Very cost effective results are achieved along with the high quality bespoke style desk produced by using a modular format drawn from the precision of factory production and the individuality of custom design.

The clinical environment and the requirement for comfort, efficiency and creating a relaxed atmosphere are all considerations required in a quality Dental Reception.

The Reception design is probably the most important phase in any Dental Practice development. It must combine the total package of effective use of space, environmental factors involving surface finishes, lighting and IT provisions along with quality seating to provide the right ambiance and a quality experience for all visitors.

Choosing the best designer and supplier to enable you to finish with an excellent result can take time and become costly. None the less it is most important to get this right so that you do not suffer at a later stage. I would suggest that a good indication is whether this potential partner is actually asking you the right questions

Want to find out more about Reception Furniture, then visit Ken Rand’s site on how to choose the best Reception Desks for your needs.

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