Picking a Garden Roto Tiller

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Do you love gardening? If you do, then you’ve probably performed many difficult tasks like breaking the soil, turning it over, raking the compost, making furrows or rows, and many other tasks. The rewards of gardening are tremendous but since it is labor intensive, not many people are willing to do the hard work. This is where you will need a garden roto tiller.

You have two options for securing a roto tiller – rent or purchase one. If you have a small garden, the best option would be to rent a roto tiller but if you own a large garden, it’s better to buy one because you will be wasting money if you rent out the equipment every year!

Before making a final decision, you have to consider your needs. How many times do you plan to use the roto tiller in a year? Using it once a year is not enough to buy one. This can be an issue if you’re on a tight budget but if you have more than enough money to purchase your own roto tiller, go ahead and buy one so that you no longer have to rent it out.

For those who would rather rent the roto tiller, it would help to know that you can rent the equipment by the hour or you can also rent it per day. With this piece of equipment, you can carry out your gardening tasks with ease.

After deciding whether you will buy or rent the roto tiller, you will now have to learn about the different types. There are models that are suitable for home gardening as well as for commercial agriculture. Consider your gardening plans before buying the equipment. For instance, if you have plans to have a larger garden, you have to get the right model that you will not be able to outgrow.

Basically, you can find 2 types of roto tillers in the market. The first one is the mid-tine tillers. This type of tiller moves forward when you are digging the soil. This is ideal for small or medium gardening tasks and is also less expensive. The other type is the rear-tine tillers and is more expensive than the other type. You will need to have strong muscles to be able to use this type of tiller. Such roto tiller is suited for larger gardening tasks like preparing the ground. If you are working on hard soil, this is a great choice.

In home gardening, it’s better to use the mini tillers or the front-tine tillers. This equipment weighs only around 20 pounds although some models are heavier. You can do multi-tasking with this tool like dig holes, prepare soils, etc.

When it comes to price, it will depend on the model or brand. Consider the horsepower of the roto tiller. Working on the larger models with higher horsepower is easier but they are more costly than the models with smaller horsepower.

These are the things that have to consider when picking the ideal roto tiller.

If you are in the market for a new garden tiller than make sure to get more information on what you need by reading our roto tiller reviews. We review all of the top rototiller brands and styles to help you decide which is the suited for your needs. A rear tine tiller may be right for you or possibly a rotary tiller may be what yo need.

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