Choosing a Pest Repellent


Do you need to find an effective pest repellent to keep pesky but not harmful pests at bay? There are so many to choose from, so it would be nearly impossible to just walk into a store and pick out some without knowing a little about your choices. For the home, there are many pesticides that you can sprinkle around, along with aerosol bug sprays. Some pest repellents are safer than others.

If mice are a bother, then you have your choice on what to use there as well. You can use snap traps, glue boards, or any number of poisons. Find out what you are dealing with specifically so you can buy a product that specializes in getting rid of that particular nuisance. Those with children might prefer to use rodent control products that exterminate rather than just capture or repel them because of the possibility of diseases.

Your lawn is obviously in just the right spot for all kinds of insects and rodents to make their home or dining area. Keep in mind that although most bugs are bad for your garden, there are certain ones that can be very beneficial to your plants. Lawn pest control begins with cleanliness and can utilize green pest control methods as well as traps.

Insecticides and other kinds of bug sprays are the most common and widely used methods for keeping pests away. How they work is pretty simple. They have certain chemicals in them that make it where the environment is undesirable to the bugs. You have to be sure to read all the warning labels and the directions that are listed on the container.

Some broad spectrum insecticides might kill the bees or buttlerflies you’re trying to attract and some may be harmful to children or pets. Some sprays target specific bugs while others are for general use. Products that have DEET in the ingredients are safe for the family as well as the environment.

Pest repellent sprays are not just for gardens, they also have formulas for flying insects that are very effective. Manufacturers make sprays that focus on wasps, ants, mosquitoes, roaches, and many other annoying creatures. They even make pest repellent sprays that you can use on your own skin. When a flying insect gets close enough to you they will become disoriented.

With their sense of direction and functionality fading, they will either fall or fly away as quick as they can. These sprays can be used in your home as well as outside. Just make sure to use them as they are intended. However someone with a severe allergy to fire ant stings who enjoys gardening would probably make ant control a priority.

Now it is time to get hi-tech. This next option can be used either in your garden or you home. It is the electronic pest repellent. This device sends out a high frequency ultrasonic sound wave that deters bugs and rodents alike.

It has a certain radius that is effective, so again, check the label. Be sure to unplug this device frequently, because the enemies can get accustomed to the sound and it can lose its effectiveness. There are many snake and critter repellents available to help you keep your garden pest free.

One source of great information and help is your friendly do it yourself pest control company. They know the ins and outs of pest control and can help you

Redwood Chemical is an expert in Insecticides, , pest repellent and roach control

FREE Sonic Pest Remover !This high frequency, electronic pest control, is an ultrasonic rodent repellent ! It might sound just like fuzz or a hum to you, but that is because its frequency range for this electronic mouse repellent is beyond what the human ear can hear. But not for mice, rats, rodents, moles, bugs, and other vermin that you don’t want in your home! This ultra sonic pest chaser drives them out as they can’t stand the sound of this repelente de ratón.

Here is the new and improved shorter version:

Here is the new and improved 8 hour version !

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This Ultrasonic Sound Pulses at 68 to 80 times a second at 100dB. Safe for humans, dogs, and cats. DO NOT USE if you have pet mice, gerbils, ETC !!!

Simply crank up this video when you are home or leaving for the day. Point your speakers in all different directions, and in the lowest part of your house if you can. ( basement ) The frequency waves do not travel though walls or furniture. リラックス 睡眠

Other pest control natural remedies to get rid of mice, rats, and rodents:
1)Peppermint oil: put it on cotton balls and spread around
2)Instant potatoes: spread them out and let them eat it. They can’t properly digest it and will die
3)Properly store your food so they can’t get to it
4)Patch all access holes for them to enter your house
5)Place used kitty litter in affected areas, mice will run from the smell thinking there are cats around.
6)Natural predators… Keep a cat around
7)Put steel wool in holes, mice can’t chew it
8)Humane box traps…relocate each catch
9) Leave out onions in affected areas… mice hate the smell and will leave… be-careful though, as onions are poisonous to cats and dogs if they eat them…be safe and put them where they can’t get to them
10)Mix plaster of paris with cocoa butter…leave for them to eat

Read more details here for rodent repellent, mice control, etc if you have a infestation or a tricky house mouse!

Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mice

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