America’s Sport and Championship Game – The Super Bowl

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What better day to spend with friends, eat greasy food, and drink beer than Super Bowl Sunday! Super Bowl Sunday has become one of the most celebrated sports days of the year. Ticket prices, for this event, have sky rocketed. Yet, fans still fight to get the most lavish seats, in either the front row or luxurious box seats. Surprisingly, only one eating / drinking day surpasses Super Bowl Sunday and that day is Thanksgiving.

Even if you cannot go to the game, there is plenty of entertainment by watching the game on TV. The Super Bowl is also known for their commercials, in fact, it is one of the only TV shows people watch for the commercials.

When the Super Bowl first came around, it was known as a face-off between the older NFL and the younger AFL. After three years of this, things changed with the merger of the two leagues, forming the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference).

The first Super Bowl game was played on January 15, 1967. The Green Bay Packers happened to be the most dominating team on either league, so it’s no surprise that they played in the first Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers played against the Kansas City Chiefs, in this game, and trampled them with a score of 35 – 10.

This was their first victory, but definitely was not their last. They moved on to win Super Bowl II, along with a total of five championship titles by the end of the decade.

The coach of the Packers, during this glory, was Vince Lombardi. The championship trophy, known today as the Vince Lombardi Trophy, got its name from these early years. Tiffany’s makes the trophies. It takes 72 hours, to create each trophy, along with $ 12,500.

Each member, of each team playing in the Super Bowl, receives a championship ring. These rings, like the trophy, are of the utmost superiority. The winners’ rings cost around $ 5,000 and the losers’ rings cost around $ 2,500 each. (The NFL furnishes over 300 rings, 150 for each team, every year.)

The NFC and AFC are close in skill, with the NFC winning 21 Super Bowl games and the AFC winning 20.

Home field advantages and wild card teams are determined throughout the regular playing year. Each conference has four divisions, and each division champion automatically moves onto the Super Bowl. Wild Card teams are the ones that fell just short of being one of the best.

Once the regular season is over, the grueling three weeks of playoffs begin. Wild Card teams play against lower rated teams, in the beginning of the playoffs, and they do not have home field advantage. This being said, very few Wild Card teams make it to the Super Bowl and, as of today, only four have won the title.

The long history, of Football, has proven to be a true sport. This game will continue to be a hard one for the players, and one that the fans adore.

Tampa, FL will be hosting Super Bowl XLIII this year on February 1, 2009. With the two teams playing in the game, this year, it is said that this will be one of the most enthralling games in history.

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