Accessorize Your Patio With Patio Umbrellas

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It is not easy being men. Success in men’s world is more often than not measured by their priced possession. When in school, you’re the hailed one if you have the latest playstation. As teens, you probably will be envied by having the most desirable girl in school as your girlfriend. Now that you have stepped into the working world, you play for bigger stuff. Having the best ride in town will have your name carved in the hall of fame and it helps that the ride is attracting the attention of the people that matter; girls mainly.

I was blessed that by the time I was 28, I have managed to afford a car. Things could not have gone better as I had the girl of my dreams as a girlfriend. The blessing does not stopped there. I also have finally made the biggest purchase of my life. A house. It was obvious that I do not want to live in my parents house since I too would want a place of my own. Besides, I am a grown man. A grown man needs a castle of his own to take care of. However, I have learnt a valuable lesson from the order of my acquisitions. It was probably best if the house came first before the girlfriend.

All along I had a mental picture of an outdoor housewarming party. It just gives me a great happiness to be able to supply my guests with fresh air and sunshine. I figured everyone will be content with that. Outdoor parties are great in a sense that it keeps the inner part of my house clean. Also the most important thing is the crowd would not be mingling in my bedroom- not that they are invited there in the first place.

I had to convince Cindy to accept my plans for she mentioned about sunburns and unpredictable weather that could ruin my party all together. It does seems like quite a risk I’m taking but eventually, we both agree that to have this outdoor party, we need the help of patio umbrella.

So, we head to the mall as usual and after getting barbeque sauces and ton of meats, we went to the household department. Lo and behold, right in the middle of the floor, was a ten foot wide outdoor umbrella. Apart from the gigantic size, it was a shade of hot pink. Yes, Hot Pink! My girls eyes began to glisten with tears and was about to tell me that it would go very well with the shoe rack (she insisted on getting it in pale pink) when I gave her a cold stare. I could not bear to see my invitation card to read: “You are invited to Jonathan’s garden house warming party. Not sure where it is, just look for a HOT PINK UMBRELLA!” No way, people!

We were lucky enough to have Bert take us through the jungle of umbrella. Bert, being an expert of umbrella, had given us insights on every one of the umbrellas. One thing I noticed was most of the umbrella canvas is made of Sunbrella material which apparently was one of the best materials. This material had a reputation of being fade resistant; the color and pattern stays the same for a long period of time even after exposure years of exposure to the rain and sun. We were taken to see other more advance umbrellas that are equipped with the latest technologies. From lighting equipped to speakers attach, these umbrellas are head turners. I find umbrellas with attached sound system really impressive so I was about to make a swift decision in purchasing one when my girlfriend reminded me that we have that department covered when we purchased the home theater.

Deciding on which umbrella to purchase was quite a tough one for us. After careful thought, we decided to go for the bright red umbrella. It is about nine foot wide but with no sound system attached or lighting. The material is of course Sunbrella. I knew for a fact that I have made the right decision. Bright red is more ideal for my garden than hot pink. At least I can have the guts to tell my friends that if they cant find my house then look for a bright red patio umbrella.

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