Tips On Selecting A New Desk

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Purchasing a desk is not the simple task it once was, thanks to the numerous types that are now available. While traditional styles are still popular, there are also many high tech and modular designs from which to choose. The price range is also quite extensive. By matching the way you plan to use it to the desk, you can more easily find exactly what you want.

If your main desire is for a surface on which to write, consider a traditional design. These work well for paying bills, writing letters, or doing homework. One of the most popular types has always been a roll-top. This style features convenient drawers and shelves underneath the roll-top that help keep you organized. A pedestal style is another traditional design that offers organization and an excellent writing expanse.

If you are looking for a design that is a bit more “cutting edge” consider a glass style. Most have chrome frames that, when combined with the glass, make them a natural focal point. Do not expect to find drawers included with these designs, however, because they resemble a table more than a desk. They are available in a number of shapes other than the standard rectangle, though, so it is much easier to find an unusual piece.

Virtually all styles have modified versions that will work with a computer. However, if your main need is for a computer desk, consider purchasing one that is made especially for that purpose. You will gain features such as pull-out keyboard shelves, cooling panels, and easy access to cables.

Consider what you need to have nearby while you work before you decide on a purchase. If you are someone who normally has a cup of hot coffee or a cold drink beside you, select a surface that will withstand heat and moisture. If you need books or a notebook next to your monitor, make sure you select a large enough work surface to hold everything. Those who just want a place to pay the bills may wish to look for a design with a drawer large enough for file folders.

You may want to consider a hutch for storing printer supplies or your reference materials. Those who prefer to work in bright light might need to choose a hutch with a lamp built in so the area will not be too dim. Choose a cool touch lamp to eliminate any possible uncomfortable warmth generated by the bulb.

When deciding on how large the desk can be, take into account the room needed by the chair as well. Some chairs can need as much as three feet for clearance. You do not want to hit another piece of furniture when you stand or block the flow of traffic while you are seated. You should also make sure that the base is not a trip hazard to yourself or others.

Carry measurements of your available space with you when you go shopping. Taking a tape measure is also a good idea so that you can accurately size potential purchases if their dimensions are not printed on their displays. If you are purchasing a chair as well, sit in it and see how far it rolls in normal operation. By preparing in advance and shopping carefully, you will likely find just the desk you desire.

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