Patio Umbrella Lighting Options- An Overview

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Lighting up your patio umbrella enables you to enjoy a cozy night out in your backyard with ease. Such lighting is also a great attraction for parties. You can get such lights in different colors, styles and fittings. They are very simple and easy to install and form a very inexpensive outdoor décor. You can find lights of different kinds to suit your needs and budget. Whether to give it a whole celebration appeal or just a light romantic appeal, you can find umbrella lights of different kinds.

The most common types of lights for patio umbrellas are the ones that slide along the shaft of the umbrella. Some others are made to be clamped on to the arms of the umbrella. Most types come fixed to the umbrella in a way that they allow opening and closing the umbrella without you having to remove the lights every time. There are few lighting options that need to be mounted on the poles and these kinds of lights need to be detached from the pole while opening or closing the umbrella. Other types are string lights that need to be mounted on to the veins (collapsible frame) of the umbrella. The lights that are mounted on the pole serve more simple and individual needs of spending the time under the umbrella reading or eating. The string lights give a more decorative look and hence are ideal for parties.

These days the patio umbrella lights are more energy efficient making them more economical and practical for outdoor use. Some lighting systems have a feature that ensures that lights keep burning even if one bulb burns out avoiding the need for the homeowners to arrange for a replacement immediately. Since many homeowners would be concerned about the outdoor lights attracting unwanted bugs when lit, the outdoor manufacturers are now supplying special lights that have ‘Diffused Lighting Ambience’ feature.

A very economical and energy efficient option in umbrella lighting is the employment of solar energy. If you live in a place that enjoys good sunlight during the daytime, you can really benefit by investing in these solar lights for your offset or market umbrella. These lights source their energy from sun throughout the day and then use that gathered energy to light up your backyard during the nighttime. Such lighting systems come with a panel that needs to be exposed to the sun.

If you are buying a new umbrella then you can pick the whole set together. However if you are looking to light up an umbrella that you already have then you need to make sure that you have the right measurements and provisions. The lighting system that you buy should seamlessly fit in your umbrella and comfortably light up the space. More such caution is necessary when you by the lights that need to be mounted to the frame. If you want a more versatile lighting option that can fit most kinds of umbrellas then the lights that are pole mounted would be the best choice as they come with adapters that would ensure that the lights would fit the diameter of the umbrella pole.

In addition to the basic purpose of lighting, these offset or market umbrella lights also serve as attractive colorful décor pieces. They come in a wide range of colors for to suit your taste and need. The two broad options are the following:

1. Standard yellow or white lights- For reading, cooking, dining, and for small get-togethers these lights will be apt.

2. LED lights- For more elaborate parties, you can go for LED lights that can produce many different colors of your choice. Compared to the incandescent lights these LED lights are more durable and energy efficient.

After you research well, consider your requirements and pick the right lighting option, installing them and get them to light up your space can be done in few minutes without hassle. The different kinds of lights may require some different methods of installation but nothing is difficult if one follows the instructions that come with the lights. In case it is difficult for you for some reason you can always request you patio umbrella lights dealer for help with installation.

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