Outback Bowl Tickets – Who Will Win the Outback Bowl?

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Looking to make a quick buck during the holiday season? Especially in this kind of economic climate, sports fans need all the help they can get to make it through the pitfalls of the Christmas obstacle course with enough dough left over to buy Outback Bowl tickets. One way you can start earning some green so that you can watch the Outback Bowl is by making a cool, calm, collected, non-habit forming futures bet on who will win the game. Then you can spend away on all the gifts you need, and still know that you’re going to win it all back. Of course, make sure that you place your bets the legal way- preferably in Vegas. Here are a few of the teams you’re most likely to see win the Outback Bowl when you purchase some Outback Bowl tickets at StubHub.

South Carolina:
The trick with picking a winner in a game like the Outback Bowl is thinking of a team that’s good but not great, a team with a chance at a decent conference record, but not one that’s going to win their conference or division. In the SEC, South Carolina makes as good a pick as any. Georgia, Florida and Alabama are the class of the SEC, and South Carolina looks like the leader in the chase pack. With a 4-4 conference record and an upcoming game against one of their rivals, Clemson (a non conference team that they will play on the road), Carolina could easily end up 8-4 overall. While they had a huge meltdown versus a vastly superior Florida team last week, South Carolina has been good versus non-conference foes all year, and they’ll take on a Big Ten team in the Outback Bowl.

Michigan State:
Since this is the Outback Bowl we’re talking about, we might as well pick a team that resembles a boomerang: Michigan State. The Spartans were drawn back with the initial loss to Cal in the first game of the season, they flew, spinning and fluttering out into the bush with six straight wins, then dove suddenly in their 7-45 loss to Ohio State, then came back to their master with three straight quality wins, then hit their master square in the face with an 18-49 loss to Penn State. Michigan State is in the right position (third in the Big Ten) to get to the Outback Bowl, but based on their collapses versus tough competitors, you should trust whoever the SEC sends over the Spartans.

Vandy has one more game, a regular season finale versus an equally matched Wake Forest, to prove that they belong in the Outback Bowl. Assuming the Gamecocks don’t secure the SEC bid to the Outback Bowl, Vanderbilt looks promising. But can they win the game? Vanderbilt hasn’t exactly been stellar versus good teams this season, and they’re a bit hard to predict, considering the beat South Carolina and lost to Mississippi State. Odds on the Commodores will probably advantageous, so there’s incentive to pick this team as the winner of the Outback Bowl. Of course, the hardest thing to pick here is the two teams that will have their names in your Outback Bowl tickets.

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In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents, Tom Brady’s epic upset of the St. Louis Rams!

17:37 – Jeff Wilkens makes 50-yard FG

26:57 – Wilkins misses 52-yard FG

34:30 – Ty Law intercepts Kurt Warner and returns it for a TD

47:16 – Ricky Proehl fumbles and Patriots recover

53:38 – Tom Brady throws 8-yard TD pass to David Patten

1:20:17 – Warner is intercepted by Otis Smith

1:24:00 – Adam Vinatieri makes 37-yard FG

1:37:10 – Warner sneaks for 2-yard TD

1:56:24 – Warner throws game-tying 26-yard TD pass to Proehl

1:59:32 – Patriots begin game-winning drive

2:03:56 – Vinatieri makes game-winning FG as time expires

Kurt Warner and the Rams were known as the greatest show on turf, they tore through the offensive record books and looked nearly unstoppable throughout the 2001 season. In the eyes of most people, a trip to the Super Bowl was an accomplishment for a Patriots team being led by its backup quarterback, Tom Brady. However, the Patriots had larger aspirations as they defeated the Rams on a game winning field goal from Adam Vinatieri. The win against the Rams was the first Super Bowl victory in Patriot’s history and was a launching point for their dynasty of the 2000’s.

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