Necessary precautions of setting Lighting in Living Room

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People in Bangalore ask a good Interior Designer in Bangalore to light their dwelling. The designer chooses an interior luminaire according to the location, purpose, different moods you want to generate in your house with respect to the time of day, etc.
Some resort to European interior design in Bangalore. This will adjust the lighting to guarantee your comfort, your safety, and well-controlled electricity consumption.

Lighting in Dining Room

Interior Lighting: how should we illuminate a dining room?

* The focal point of the dining room is the table.
* Installing a light point around this main element is therefore essential.
* Illuminating the surrounding furniture or objects becomes secondary and can be done independently, preferably in indirect light to create an atmosphere with embossed playing with different options.

What type of interior light to illuminate the entire dining room?
* A piece of ceiling light for general:
* If you only have one main light source in the room, ceiling must be large to provide general lighting,
* Equip it with a compact fluorescentbulb.
* Halogen lamp in a corner
If no attachment is possible in the ceiling, halogen lamp will disseminate general and pleasant light.

What interior lighting to illuminate the table?
* Usually chosen are a chandelier or a frame above the tableor a halogen lamp
* Chosen according to the size of the table, the chandelier will descend down till you do not risk hitting it
* But it should not be too high as a real concentration of light is needed
* A frame above an oval table may be of elongated shape
* The ideal lighting is to include all guests, chairs and table in the same halo of light.
* In addition to this general lighting, decorative lighting, mainly indirect or diffused light, will be able to bring warmth to your ambience of dining and also to highlight objects or furniture:

Interior Lighting for entry

For the interior lighting of the entrance, almost everything is allowed!
The two instructions to be used for the choice of interior lighting:
not dazzle, which would provide a bit warm welcome to your visitors,
avoid shadows.
If you are lucky enough to own a high-ceilinged entrance, take the opportunity to hang a suspension or a chandelier imposing, elegant notes guaranteed!
If your entry is of reasonable size, then prefer recessed halogen lighting or a rail and spotlights, the light will be distributed and cozy.
Warning: If your entry serves a staircase, each step must be fully informed, that security is important to respect.
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Room: what type of indoor lighting?

Room: choose soft lighting thanks to the indoor luminaire.
In this room, choose a tranquil atmosphere, especially as the light intensity is not necessary in this place.
The lights from ceiling or suspensions are not recommended.
Our advice:
indirect lighting is reflected preferably on a mat wall, the light will be calmer and less aggressive than reflection on a glossy surface,
or compact fluorescent lamps at the headboard, a ramp for example.
Here are the type of indoor luminaire we recommend according to your habits:

You read in bed:

The bedside lamp or apply provided that the light cone is suitable and focused on your reading area, is suitable.
A source halogen reflector is another solution, so the system LED that allow a good orientation of the light.

Watching TV:

Some table lamps equipped with compact fluorescent lamps.
Or recessed spots distribute soft light without glare.
Relaxation Warm tones are needed, the dim light and low intensity will be up and provided by a halogen lamp very low voltage .

Interior Lighting for the kitchen:

Given the importance of time in your kitchen, remember to make the right choice of indoor luminaire.
Avoid central lighting if you can, it may make you shade in front of your sink, or so use it wisely.
Kitchen: illuminate the worktop.

For that:
Choose halogen or compact fluorescent light bulbs in high cupboards may be the simplest solution: secure them as far away from the wall, the light will be better distributed.
Low-voltage halogen track can advantageously play the role of spots, they will deliver a highly functional light.

If you take your meals in your kitchen …

Opt for these moments of conviviality halogen lighting, then turn off the functional lighting that are aggressive.
A trend solution is to opt for compact fluorescent set on top of your furniture, you’ll get a diffused and soft light.
An interior light to illuminate the bar
Advanced Deco: choose suspensions that come down low, guaranteed or many commercials on cable .
Lounge: the right lighting for your interior

Luminiaire interior for living room: quiet and relaxation …
Typically, this room enjoys due to openings of a major natural light and precious.
Avoid bright lights in this place: no gloss or ceiling, even the spots must be of low intensity.
Lighting should be based:

A lamppost, sconces to direct the light where it is needed, of table lamps with lampshades in warm colors and bulbs CFL.
Good to know: If there is a television in your living room, the ideal is to place a lamp behind the post, for better eye comfort.
Interior light to the bathroom

Bathroom Lighting: safety first …
Trying to install lighting in your bathroom?
Follow the instructions of the 4 zones or safety volumes bathrooms and choose the type of lighting with an IP rating suitable for the area.
Not necessarily need a ceiling: compact fluorescent downlights with a warm color temperature will do even better and be more economical.
Note: To look good in your mirror, prefer halogen spotlights 12V to place around your mirror.
The office: a suitable interior lighting

The office: a gourmet item in electricity …
Through its use, the number of shots must be important:
multiple connections, computer, Charging equipment …
The desk surface should be thoroughly informed and functionally:
sources Halogen will be perfect, or desk lamp halogen, or even LED powerful.
For the rest of the room, compact fluorescent downlights provide participants with ample diffused light.

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