Maintain Wood Furniture for Patio Safety

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Outdoor living is great, just ask anyone. The fun of barbecues and backyard parties are some of the best times you’ll have all summer. But to keep the fun times rolling, you will need to care for furniture for patio setups or else an accident might ensue. Proper care and yearly checks will not only keep your furniture looking its finest for years to come, it will also protect your family and make sure this summer is one to remember, but for all the right reasons.

Don’t take a fall
Rotted and warped wood is a natural occurrence caused by prolonged exposure to moisture, sunlight, temperature changes and insects. To protect your wood furniture for patio living, there are a few things you can do. First, check all wood parts at the beginning of the warm season.

Check for splintering, cracking and broken pieces. Cracks can be sanded down to prevent their spreading, but keep an eye out to make sure this fixes the problem. For anything bigger, you will need to replace the wood piece in question, either yourself or professionally.

You can also fall as a result of deteriorating swings, gliders and rockers. With swings, there’s a worry of the chain snapping. Regular chain maintenance is vital. Replace rusty chains at once, and make sure each side is even to avoid tilted benches and unevenness. With gliders, keep the seat track oiled regularly to prevent it from locking up. And with rocking chairs, you will want to ensure that the curved rockers on the chair’s base are in good condition or one of them may break, causing you or a loved one to take a nasty spill.

Avoid splinters
No one likes getting a splinter, that painful little piece of wood that gets lodged in your hand and can impossible to get out. Try to keep all furniture for patio and deck areas as clean and smooth as possible. First, you will want to sand down the wood surfaces so that everything is even and there are no residual traces of any old varnish.

Next, clean the wood of sawdust using a damp rag. Next, you will want to clean the wood using soap and water or a mild detergent that’s safe to use on wood. After the wood is clean and dry, apply oil or an oil-based varnish. Oils should be applied anywhere from one to three times each year as needed. You might also decide instead to paint your wood furniture.

Don’t get lockjaw
You may not think it, but you can get tetanus from wood furniture, not just iron and aluminum furniture. That’s because the hardware on your furniture for patio and decks is usually made out of metal. Outdoor exposure, especially excess moisture and saltwater, speeds up the oxidation process. Any part that looks to be broken or rusty should be immediately replaced.

When you originally go to buy furniture, ask the salesman about the hardware. Just because you may not be able see it doesn’t mean it’s not important. Look for zinc hardware that has a rust-resistant powder coating on it.

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