How to Set Up the Perfect Bedroom

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We all know the statistics of how much of our lives we spend asleep, but the curious fact can be taken one step further. If we dress and prepare for our day — as well as end our day there — what percentage of our lives is spent in the bedroom? You would have to guess somewhere close to 40% overall, so it’s obvious that setting up a bedroom right is an essential part of your interior design. Whether big or small, hard wood-floored or carpeted, the bedroom must be handled with care. Here are the five big things to do in order to set up a perfect bedroom.

1. Get the bed right. Obviously, without the proper bed any planning you make in the bedroom will be nullified. Make sure it is up-to-date and allows you to sleep like royalty. Not only will your energy be affected by a poor sleep cycle: your entire demeanor can be damaged if you’re not sleeping soundly. Spend the majority of your budget on the mattress, with a balance between firmness and softness. The box spring, or foundation, is the place where the impact will be absorbed. Don’t undermine a great bed without the right foundation. As for placement, give access to sunlight but don’t drown yourself in it, unless you can block it out with blinds or curtains.

2. Identify and maximize storage space. If you have been blessed with many large closets, the majority of your bedroom furniture can serve a decorative purpose. However, if you need to store clothing, you’ll have to find the right pieces for space and design. A chest of draws with a mirror above it can serve as an ideal place for getting ready. An armoire will afford the luxury of hanging clothes where space in the closet ran out. Coordinating your pieces is essential.

3. Make sure your desk is usable. There is nothing like getting work done on a desk in the privacy of your own bedroom. Whether talking on the phone, sending an email, or just thinking things through, the desk is one of the most intimate places when it comes to self-reflection. If your windows overlook a busy street, move the desk back to keep that solid frame of mind.

4. Keep a chair and table space. No matter how small your bedroom may be the presence of a table and chair makes a huge difference. These pieces might have to be small, but it’s not something to overlook. Within the bedroom, there is going to be a desk and a bed to do your reading and thinking. They represent two extremes, one too rigid in some situations, the other too relaxed. With a cozy chair and side table, you will make your bedroom the ultimate comfort zone.

5. Get the lighting right. Don’t forget about lighting. It’s a room in which a dimmer switch is a must. Also, make sure turning off the lights at the end of the night is not a chore. You don’t have to clap your hands; just put the switch within reach of your bed.

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