How to Find Good Scissor Lifts for Your Business

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The other most common form of AWPs are known as ‘cherry pickers’. A scissor lift’s platform moves only vertically, up or down, and its platform sometimes has an extendable bridge to facilitate better access. Scissor lifts are mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically powered and are available either to purchase, lease or hire in a variety of models.
How to find good scissor lifts for your business need not be a daunting problem.
The first question to be answered is – how high will the platform have to ascend? All of the scissor lifts on the market will display a maximum machine height, but it is best to check if the height quoted includes or excludes the average ‘reach’ of a person. Once you know the height required, consider how much ‘out-reach’ is needed. ‘Out-reach’ is measured from the centre of the working platform to the end of the fingertips of the average worker. When determining whether the ‘out-reach’ is suitable, consider the width of the scissor lift’s base. Then you need to determine whether the scissor lift will be operating inside or outside of a building? If the answer is inside, you may wish to consider an electric powered model. If the job is an outside one, electric, diesel or bi-fuel models are all potentially suitable.
In terms of ground conditions the scissor lift will be working on, is it level, sloped or rough terrain? Remember that working outside in the wet or on a gradient will inevitably influence your decision. The final question is – how much weight needs to be carried? A safe working load will be quoted for each model of scissor lift and should never be exceeded. As a rule, the weight of two average sized men and their tools and equipment is usually reckoned to be 200 kilograms.

The final stage of finding the right scissor lift for your business is to estimate the frequency and duration of scissor lift time you need. At one end of the scale, for example, you could need a scissor lift for two weeks continuously each year to perform planned maintenance to warehouse lights. At the opposite end of the range of possibilities, you may need one for one day only to fix a leaking roof. Your particular need will lead your financial decision to buy; lease or hire.
All questions answered and all options explored, you will now hopefully have found the best scissor lift to suit your company’s needs.

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