Patio Furniture – The Ideal Set

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When the weather begins to warm, you’ll probably consider redecorating your home, inside and out. Your patio is especially important in the summer months, when you’ll want to enjoy pleasant summer evenings and afternoon gatherings on the porch. Whether you have an existing set that you want to upgrade or a completely bare porch, there’s a perfect patio set for everyone.

The selection of patio furniture available is extensive as your imagination. There is a style, color and price point available that will fit the requirements of any shopper, and you’re only limited by your own design boundaries. The best place to begin is your own needs.

Before looking for any patio pieces, consider your family’s circumstances. The size of your patio is a major deciding factor in the perfect patio set to purchase. Small areas demand small pieces that are easily moved, stacked and stored to maximize comfortability. However, if you frequently have children running wild, you should opt for sturdier pieces that will be more difficult to move – and tip – and will withstand years of pint sized abuse.

The size of your patio is only slightly more important than the size of your family or usual guest list. The more people you entertain, the more pieces you will need. The type of entertaining you do is also a large consideration for your purchase. If you frequently have a few girlfriends over for calm afternoon tea, you may prefer to consider looks and style over durability. On the other hand, if the majority of your entertaining involves margaritas and late night parties, you should opt for something that will withstand the abuse you and your guests will put it through.

Luckily, no matter what your circumstances, cane furniture is available in varieties that fit all requirements. From light and easily stored to study and immobile, wicker can fulfill your patio needs with ease. Its classic style will wow your girlfriends during a sedate afternoon gathering, while thick bamboo or rattan cane pieces will survive even the rowdiest parties.

Because wicker is a low maintenance, high performance wood, it is the gold standard for anyone concerned with safety. Unlike other wood pieces which can splinter, split or warp unless tended with meticulous care, well made wicker patio furniture will stay beautiful and whole with simple yearly maintenance. These pieces only need to be cleaned and oiled before being stored each year to maintain their original charms.

This ease of use is particularly impressive when dealing with children or more rambunctious groups. No one likes sitting down on a patio chair to find the seat covered in splinters, and children are especially susceptible to injuries from badly worn wooden furniture. Since wicker does not splint or crack, guests young and old can enjoy it without any safety concerns. Wicker is also much less likely than traditional wood furniture to break under pressure, ensuring that it will last you for years to come.

When shopping for your new patio furniture, be sure to give wicker strong consideration. Because it comes from tough, rapidly growing woods such as bamboo or rattan, it is significantly less expensive than hard wood alternatives. Its safety, durability and ease of care make it a clear, simple choice for anyone seeking the best for their patio.

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