Is A Solar Power Generator The Only Choice?

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With resources running short around the world for sustainable energy, other options have been finally forced onto the global communities to make a plan of adjustment. By turning to other alternatives we will be saving the planet by buying time and saving on natural resources, but it will make a hell of a carbon footprint on the planet in any case as it has been left for the eleventh hour.

Scientists are Busier than Ever Now!

Scientists are busy working on the project of the solar power generator to feed communities with power, but the problem comes in when the sun goes down. Where is the power then? Besides the problem with the solar power generator not supplying electricity when the sun is down, is that it would take a large amount of space to supply a single town efficiently, so this is best applied on a large open land space.

And what about when the sun is set, where are the batteries stored to feed the cities during the night? Other alternative methods have to be utilised, besides the solar power generator. Does everyone have their own batteries storage at home to power their homes or businesses at night if needed while the solar power generator is not working?

The Right Plan of Action

While every effort has still been focused on a renewable sustainable energy source for the world, besides the solar power generator, nothing is mentioned that it is mankind alone that has created this demand and will therefore have to make a plan not only to find alternative methods to feed our needs we created, but to lessen the amount of people needing to consume. If there was a world plan action of putting a hold on the population growth, the need for more energy would be less and therefore still giving the earth a chance to breathe on its own.

At the Mercy of Governments

The option of having your own home solar power generator is well on its way in some households. However, the main problem is that with this option the sun goes down too and you would still need to store power in the form of batteries at your home, and of course you would not be able to run your whole household on it as you usually do.

Yes it is an alternative, but not used as the only method of power. The earth has many sources of natural power and water resources that we can harness but we still continue to be at the mercy of governments running the countries.

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