Great Stylish Options for Shower Panels in Bangalore

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Have you been looking for stylish and modish shower panels in Bangalore? Maruthi Ceramics offers the best and the most stylish shower wall panels to magnify the look of your bathroom. People are nowadays going for trending designs of bathrooms to give their homes an elegant look. A shower is the first thing one observes in the bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to install attractive shower panels and bathroom panels in one’s bathroom area. Stylish shower board or shower wall panels not only match the entire décor of the bathroom but tend to accentuate the overall look of the bathroom as well.
Here are some of the most trending style options for shower panels and shower board to amplify the bathroom décor. Have a glance:
* Frameless Glass Shower Board: This is the most trending and stylish option for the shower panels right now. This style or design of the shower wall panels offers great flexibility which can be installed in the bathroom of any style. Be it the modern design of the bathrooms, or the traditional setting; the frameless glass shower board can offer much appeal to any bathroom design. Moreover, it is relatively simpler to maintain and clean the glass shower panels. You can easily clean the glass shower wall panels with scrub and soap to remove the spots and stains. Moreover, the glass shower panels are also a great way to showcase the stylish shower area of your bathroom.

* Aluminum with Glass Shower Board: Need something more to spruce up the shower area of your bathroom? You can try out the new and trending shower panels with a kind of flair to amplify the overall look. You can have the shower wall panels framed with aluminum railings to give better support and extra style. The entire look of the glass shower panels with aluminum railings gives the appearance of the tile at the back of the shower area. When the dark metal is mixed with spotless glass cabins, the overall bathroom gets clad in an eclectic feel.

* Glass Block Shower Board: Gone is the time of the different wooden or metallic door with the color block. The trending fashion for the bathroom shower wall panels is that of the glass blocks which offer great style and versatility. You can even select the textured patterns on the glass blocks. These blocks tend to have strong lines to give your bathroom a clean and cool look. With the glass blocks shower wall panels, there is a multitude of options available with different block styles, colors and patterns or textures.

* Sliding Shower Panels: Wish to have the stylish glass shower panels for your bathroom but do not have even space for swinging door? You can opt for the sliding glass door for the shower wall panels which offer great practical options to save the bathroom space at the same time offering great style and elegance. You can even customize the sliding doors of the glass shower boards to fit any space and style of the bathroom. These are a great way to flaunt the stylish interior of the shower space of your bathroom. If you are dreading the cost of the sliding glass door for the shower panels, you can go for partially frameless glass sliding doors which also impart the desired airy and stylish look without burning a hole in your pocket.

* Tub Shower Boards: If you have a bathroom tub does not imply that you need to differentiate it with a shower curtain. Another way to enhance the look of the shower panel area of your bathroom can be to install the tempered glass cabins or shower boards which can offer great practicality and high design to the bathrooms.

* Textured Glass Shower Boards: If you wish to combine style with a little privacy, then instead of going for the complete transparent look, you can opt for the modish textured appearance of the shower wall panels for your bathroom. The beautiful textures of the glass shower panels are enhanced when water trickles down the vertical surface of the shower panels. Therefore, you can have the spa feeling in your bathroom itself.

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