Do You Want To Make Your Friends Jealous? You Need These Gardening Tools

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As you learn about gardening you will learn about a wide variety of gardening tools that are all supposed to help you save time and create a more fruitful garden. Obviously you do not have to buy every single tool that is being sold. Start simply with a few tools you know you need and later you can buy the fancier equipment if you think you really need it. Simple human strength is usually all that is really needed to accomplish most gardening tasks. You can use your hands and arms to move dirt and earth and plants from place to place.

Working with only your hands and arms is great but it can do a lot of harm to your body after a while so you should use tools instead to ease the strain on your limbs. These gardening tools have proved to be very popular.

If you are going to be creating a very large garden, you will need to till the soil. This means shifting the soil around so that it is looser and lets air circulate through it freely. Some gardeners will hire a professional to help them get this job done. Renting a roto tiller is another idea. If you are going to be regularly working with large areas of land, buying your own tiller can be useful.

Using a tiller is something that you should learn to do properly before you attempt to do the work yourself. If you don’t know what you are doing you will do far more harm to your garden than good.

Pitchforks can be an incredibly useful tool for gardeners-even gardeners who are planting small gardens. The work a pitchfork does can also be done by a trowel or a spade but the pitchfork does it on a much larger scale. They are great for turning earth, moving compost around, aerating soil.

If you have your own compost pile you will need to have a pitchfork because the pitchfork will help you turn your compost over as it decomposes. If you don’t turn your compost pile regularly it will just harden up and you won’t get any use out of it.

A big rake. A garden rake is fantastic for small patches of land.

On the other hand, some gardeners have quite large gardens to tend and a big rake helps with this. Rakes do more than gather leaves. Use your big rake to help smooth the soil and increase the oxygen flow to the places you want to plant your seeds. Use the flat side of your rake to smooth out the top layer of dirt in your garden. The rake you use to gather leaves will be made from plastic. Garden rakes (even those that are full sized) are made from metal.

Figuring out which gardening tools you need can take some time. When you first start out you will probably want to buy everything in the store. Don’t get duped or give in to temptation: start small and then add tools as you find uses for them. This will save you money, time and storage space in your gardening shed. Before you know it, you’ll know exactly which gardening tools you need to do to finish your gardening tasks.

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