Costumes and Accessories – Have Both or Nothing at All

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If you notice; everywhere you go you can find stores that cater for the many different dresses for the many different themed parties imaginable as well as personal preferences and taste. Themed parties are very popular among teens and young adults. This is because they take fashion and style as very important. They like to make fashion statement.

You can’t solely depend on the costume to make whatever character you are trying to portray come to life. Costume accessories are a must in order for you to project the persona successfully.

The incomplete feeling will haunt you if you did not match your outfit with the right accessories. Not only that, you will be frustrated if you find that not many knows what character exactly you’re trying to portray. For instance, you may be meaning to portray a magician but if you come in black tux without the magic wand, white gloves, magician hat and even tricks up your sleeves, you might just be mistaken for another man dressed in a tux. The hostess might even be wondering if you received the right invitation card. Even dressing up as angels without a pair of wings, Wolverine (a character from X-MEN) without his claws and an axe murderer without his axe will all be wrong and misleading.

See now the significance of having the right accessories to complement the overall look? There are still more examples to identify to prove that accessorizing is a part–actually a requirement when attending costume parties. It’s like adding more life to a “dead” character or adding more sense of realism to a figure that only exists in fairytale and mythological stories.

Looking for the right accessories might be time consuming as well as tiring. However, this might not be the case because most shops that rents or sells costumes will probably have the accessories as well. So, if you’ve chosen the pirate costume, chances are, your costume is packaged together with the eye patch, pirate hat and even hand hook. If they don’t package it together, they’ll still have it at the store for you to buy or rent separately. Who knows, there might even be a discount.

Below are two of the most popular party themes where accessories are most needed:

*Halloween Theme Parties

Holloween is probably the season where everyone is keen to dress up, even if they are not going to a Halloween party. For Halloween costume party one can dress as a witch, ghost, and goblins or even axe murderer. Children too will look cute dressed as ghouls and little vampires. Hats and wigs are certainly high in demand during Halloween. Even simple clothes with the right make-up can be pretty scary.

*Beach Theme Parties

For beach themed party, the kind of outfit to have o would be somewhat casual. This is obviously to blend into the kind of atmosphere it portrays. Polo shirts which are ‘flowery’ worn over undershirt would be the most popular type of outfit. A sexier version which consists of the polo shirt only in which the wearer can show more abs or other parts of the body is also accepted. Surfer shorts are also good for this theme. The must haves accessories includes, straw hats or sun visors, anklets or wristbands made of shells, sunglasses, flower garlands for the girls, and Hawaiian leis. Going barefoot is definitely acceptable because of the beach sand.

Costumes and accessories go hand in hand and the absence of one will definitely be made apparent and will lessen the overall impact of your get up.

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