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In woodworking, precision is one of the most important factors. All parts to fit a plan should be accurately cut to size. If a piece is cut too long can be easily remedied, but a piece cut too short must be cut again, wasting time and material. Generally speaking, inacurracy, however slight, can cost you a lot of wasted time, making any job take longer than it should, and spending more time in the workshop than is necessary.

Obviously this situation is far from desirable.Time wasted in this way robs you of time spent with your family, and ruins the enjoyment of your hobby. You should be getting satisfaction from the results of your woodworking, not frustration from having to repeat cuts unnecessarily.

At MAKITA, this problem has been recognised and addressed. Having been making power tools for almost a century, their committed staff know that in woodworking, precision is paramount. MAKITA desk saws are designed so that accurate cuts are guaranteed.

Optimal precision from MAKITA desk saws – how this is acheived:

One of the principal features of a desk saw that assures accuracy is a clean, flat cutting surface. Not only that, MAKITA desk saws feature rip fences which move on rails, thus optimizing accuracy in parallel with the cutting surface.

The majority of cutting errors in woodworking stem from an incorrect scale set-up. No machine can avoid the element of human error. The correct set-up is important, so if the procedure is simplified, the possibilities of getting it wrong are significantly reduced. At MAKITA, the design and engineering staff have developed easy to learn scales, which combined with the incorporated magnifying glass drastically reduce the chances of making mistakes.

MAKITA Table Saws: Reliable and durable.

Durability is always an important factor when it comes to buying a new power tool. Let’s face it, who wants to spend good money on a new product if it is not going to stand the test of time. Woodwork specialists need accurate cutting, but also the security that their tools will serve them for years to come.

Another advantage with MAKITA Desk Saws is their ruggedness. The desk tops are precision machined from die-cast aluminium blanks and sturdy construction means years of reliable operation. MAKITA’s heritage of building electric motors is evident in the superb quality of their 15 amp models used in the Desk Saws.

You can rely on them to run at their operating speed of 4,800 rpm, all day and every day for years into the future.

The MAKITA Warranty:

MAKITA are proud of the high standards and quality of their products. Their quality control procedures ensure that every power tool that leaves the factory is fully tested beforehand. Thanks to this there is a 1 year guarantee that covers the customer against defective manufacture from the day they buy their product.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your MAKITA Table Saw, there is a 30 day period within which you are free to return it to the point of sale for replacement or a full refund.

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