Sharp Countertop Microwave Reviews

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After a long day, don’t you ever wish you can come home to some home cooked meals? However, all that fatigue usually keeps you from dealing with all the needed food preparations. Instead of cooking, you now turn to your phone and decide to go for greasy takeouts instead. This is just the kind of problem that Sharp countertop microwave oven intends to solve. With its convenient cooking features, meal preparations can go easy as one-two-three.


800 to 1000-watt power Sharp countertop microwave oven is designed to be you’re your modern kitchen help. All its convenience cooking features roots from its sensor cooking functions. Its sensor controls allow one-button operations for common items like popcorn, auto-defrost and 30-minute ‘keep warm’ functions. This mid-size countertop microwave can prepare virtually all healthy meals. Its variable power levels will allow you to cook at varying temperatures and at varying speed, which is great for making delicate sauces and deserts. It provides ample cooking power for its compact size. Depending on the model, Sharp countertop microwave oven may include a turntable, which ensures evenly cooked and heated foods with six reheat options to heat frequently served foods such as beverages, pizza, rolls and muffins. For added convenience, it features an easy one-minute addition function to cooking or heating time.


One reason why you should choose Sharp countertop microwave oven over any other microwave oven models is that they provide just the features you need to perfect your cooking skills. The cooking sensor functions of the product are designed to cover basic food preparation tasks. For instance, its quick defrost features. For meats and fishes that came straight from the freezer, this proves to be a useful function. Simply place the food on a dish, put it in the oven, and push the auto-defrost button and everything will be set.

Another interesting feature is the minute plus function. To keep your food warm or to add cooking time to brown your food, simply use this function to add one minute oven time. This feature is also useful in reheating pre-serve food such as soups, sauces and beverages. This may even be your favorite function.

Up for a movie night? This countertop microwave oven sure proves to be handy. Cooking pizzas and making popcorns will be fast and easy. Cooking starts automatically, simply push the corresponding sensor cooking button and you can sit back to a relaxing time with your family or friends.

During morning, if you are in the habit of rushing to work with a cup of Joe, you can actually save a few dollars with Sharp countertop microwave oven’s beverage heating features. Instantly getting steamy cup of hot coffee, chocolate and tea can keep you on the go. Imagine the savings it can give you in always preparing your favorite morning treat.

Now, if you have arranged for a dinner party, keeping all your plated food warm will be easy. While waiting for everyone to come, you can prevent your food from cooling up by setting them on in Sharp countertop microwave oven’s 30-minute ‘keep warm’ function. If you are serving fresh vegetables, keep them fresh and far from being feasted on by harmful bacteria by allowing them to hang out inside the oven.


The only disadvantage with this product is that the inclusion of child lock features would depend on the model of the Sharp countertop microwave oven. Also, Sharp do not provide a comprehensive recipe book which can help you optimize your microwave cooking skills with this product.

Product Summary

While Sharp countertop microwave oven is designed with all your cooking conveniences in mind, it also adds value to its aesthetic appeal. Its sleek and compact construction makes it easy to go to any kitchen surface, making it a practical and welcome addition to your kitchen decorating projects. It also comes with an interior light and an LCD display that makes all cooking settings easy to read. Depending on the model, a Sharp countertop microwave oven may be given a sleek stainless steel, black on black, white on white or bisque on bisque construction for your decorating pleasure.

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