An easier way to get rid of the bugs- a plastic fly swatter

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Flies are a home for millions of disease causing bacteria. These fly to places and sit on garbage which causes these harmful bacteria to get stuck into the legs of these insects. As the same insects sit on our food and skin, they transmit these germs into the food and our body. So keeping them away from our houses is very important. many people try to kill them will the help of flat things like newspapers and fly swatters but these insects are fast enough to escape quickly when somebody comes near to them. There are very less chances that they get killed in one spat.
One way of killing these bugs is to use an insect killing spray. Using this will not require the enormous force to spat the insects multiple times to get them killed. These can be easily sprayed on to the insects and are quite powerful to kill the insect immediately. But no one ever thinks that if it so powerful that it can take the life of an insect, it will surely be having some harmful effect on the human beings too. Especially for people who have kids at home, it is very important to keep such hazardous things out of their reach to avoid accidents. Thus a plastic fly swatter proves to be the best way to kill insects.
There are different kinds of fly swatters that are being manufactured to get rid from these bugs quickly. One of them is the electric fly swatter. As the name, it has a wide area with a net at one of its sides and a long handle attached to it. An electric charge source is required to supply power to the net. The user has to power it on and wave in the air so that the flies come in contact with it and as soon as it happens, the flies will die due to the electric charge. It is very easy to use and has a surety of getting the insect killed if it comes in contact with the racket. The only disadvantage of this device is that it creates a lot of mess. When the insects die, they will either stick to it or fall on the ground and will need to be thrown away.
Due to this disadvantage of it, a new kind of a plastic fly swatter is designed to help people get rid of these germ carriers. This new kind of swatter does not have any electric net, though it has a glue sheet in place of it with a lid to cover it. As it is tough to catch the insects when they are flying, this fly swatter allows you to catch them when they are sitting. Whenever you see a fly sitting at a place, all you have to do is to take the lid off and place the fly swatter over the insect. Due to the sticky glue on the swatter, the fly will get stuck to it. Now you can put the lid back. Thus there is no mess and no force required to kill the flies.

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