How To Pick Your Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet

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Alright, so you have already decided on oil rubbed bronze for the fixtures in your bathroom remodel or new construction. Now that you have the color and feel of the bathroom picked you will need to look at the style of faucet and fixtures for the room. This article will discuss the various bronze bath fixture styles, so you can find your favorite design.

Who knew that picking bathroom faucets and fixtures could be so complicated, right? Well, don’t panic because you have already made the hard choice on color and now you will just need to decide what style fits your ideal bathroom. This means that you will need to think about whether you want your bath to have a traditional, modern, or more custom look.

If you are looking to go traditional in style with your bathroom, then you might want to look at Restoration or Victorian faucet styles. The Restoration bronze faucets feature the classic white knobs that are often associated with a farmhouse look. Victorian, of course, is more of a traditional English faucet with creative swoops in the pieces. Traditional oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets are a great combination of classical with the current.

Modern bathroom faucets are very sleek and unadorned. You will see a lot of perfectly balanced squares and a minimalist look with modern oil rubbed bronze bath fixtures. You will want the rest of your bathrooms materials to compliment the clean reoccurring rectangles such as getting a frameless shower with bronze hinges to match your faucets.

If you are looking for more of a custom look to your bathroom, then it can be a blend of the modern or traditional styles. Typically a custom faucet will have more to do with the material of the sink, tub, or shower it is connected to.

For instance, if your sink or tub is surrounded by granite as many custom bathrooms have these days, then a wide spread faucet will give a more custom look to the room. This is because individual holes with have to be drilled into the granite counter top and can be placed in whatever design you prefer. The wide spread faucet is made up of three separate pieces due to the spout being unconnected to the knobs above the counter.

To give you a better idea, a custom oil rubbed bronze bathtub faucet might have the hot and cold levers placed together, while the spout is located a couple feet away. This allows the handles to be convenient for the person soaking, while still having the water come out nearer to their feet where they are less sensitive to hot water.

Have fun with your bath construction project. Now is a great time for finding oil rubbed bathroom faucets at great prices and plumbers that will give you competitive installation rates. Just remember to match the colors and style throughout the room and even the home for great design.

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