Countertop Toaster Oven – Would This Be a Great Wedding Present?

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Why not ask a group of friends to club together and purchase this special pair a countertop toaster oven for their wedding gift. Most toaster ovens are bought as presents, and a wedding celebration is the perfect opportunity to give them something that shows you care, and will help them set up their new home together.

What is a countertop toaster oven? Basically it is both a toaster and an oven, small enough to put on the countertop. It is an electric toaster combined with a small oven. But it can also roast, bake and grill, and as it is not as large as a conventional oven, is very inexpensive to run. (This could be an important factor for newly-weds, just setting out on married life) Smaller than a conventional oven, it takes up very little space on the kitchen counter-top. In one review that I read, the happy owner gave away her pop-up toaster, because she never uses it now she has her toaster oven.

When they get home from work, the newly-weds will be able to quickly create delicious meals. The more up-market toaster ovens have a timer, so they could even plan for their meal to be ready when they get home. Many people work from home nowadays, and a toaster oven is ideal for preparing a quick lunch, or reheating last night’s leftovers. Some inspiring recipes are included in the instruction manual which is included with all new contertop toaster ovens.

Is it getting too hot in the kitchen? It can become unbearably hot in the kitchen when you use the conventional oven to bake or roast. Keep cool in the kitchen. Avoid the high temperatures of the traditional oven and cook with a toaster oven with its shorter heat-up and cooking time, and lower cooking temperatures.

The traditional oven takes up a lot of space. Of course, it can hold the Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings, but for daily use, the toaster oven is so much more convenient, more accessible, and economical – with faster pre-heat time … and a cooler kitchen.

Convection heat is a good option for the toaster oven. The heat varies according to how high or low the shelf is, in a traditional oven. The higher the shelf, the higher the temperature. A convection oven has three main advantages.

1. it circulates the hot air, so food cooks evenly

2. 20% of cooking time saved

3. it cooks at temperatures about 20% lower than a traditional oven

The countertop toaster oven is not just the best way to toast bread and muffins. It can cook pizzas, bread, casseroles, roast chicken or other small joints of meat, cakes, cookies … warm up pre-prepared dishes …cook frozen meals … the list is endless. Your lucky couple can cook all their favourite meals without needing to use a big and energy-inefficient conventional oven.

Look no further for a wonderful wedding present idea.

Elizabeth Arnott

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