Know The Various Options Available In Push Lawn Mowers


For small yards and gardens, Push lawn mowers are the best. This type requires the mower to be pushed forward to cut grass in the lawn.

There are different types of push lawn mowers including push reel mowers, gas mowers, electric mowers and cordless mowers. Each type of push mower has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The type of lawn mower that you choose will ultimately depend on your budget, the type and size of your lawn and your take on their impact on the environment.

Let us have an overview on Push Lawn Mowers of different types, which will help in comprehending the advantages and disadvantages of these models and in turn help in finding the model that best suits your requirements.

Push reel mowers: They are manually operated mowers that don’t need gas or power supply or any other type of fuel to power them. This is the age old type of lawn mower that was invented ages ago. But today the models of push reel mowers are better designed and much efficient. The upside of these mowers is that they are quiet and don’t emit anything that would pollute our surroundings.

Gas mowers: Gas mowers use gasoline as powering fuel. This type of push lawn mowers are very common and emit harmful pollutants into the air. This type of push lawn mowers are powered by gasoline. Because of this, nowadays people prefer electric mowers.

Electric mowers: These lawn mowers use a power cord to draw electricity needed to operate them. Electric mowers are environmental friendly and produce less noise, but they are ideal only for smaller areas as their mowing distance is limited by the length of the power cord. The cord is also very cumbersome as there is danger of tripping or running the mower over them.

Cordless mowers: The power for these mowers comes from rechargeable batteries which help in eliminating the usage of cords. This also makes them less dangerous and easy to handle. In Cordless Mower the power is completely dependent on the battery capacity. But the handling of these lawn mowers can turn out to be very difficult because of the battery weight.

One has to spend a lot of effort and time to learn about the various varieties of Push Lawn Mowers that will help them to take the correct option. It does not matter whether you have decided to go in for the cordless type or the manual model, but make sure you choose a model that best suits your needs.

For more information on Push lawn mowers. Check out our site to Choose your choice of best available cordless lawn mowers for sale right now in the market.

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