Fixing A Low-Pressure Showerhead

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Have you ever faced a situation in your life when you entered your bathroom for a shower and ended up getting an ooze of water only? If the answer to the question is yes then carry on reading to avoid such kind of situations again. This kind of messy situation can easily be tackled without the help of a professional plumber.

You need to check the source of your main water supply that is located outside the home. Check the flow of water from the main supply line or the well pump. If the problem persists then you would be required to call a plumber to fix the situation. If however no problem is encountered outside the home then the insect the home spaces.

Move on to the examination of the showerhead. Normal flow of water from the pipes points to a problem in the showerhead. Dismantle the showerhead from main supply before moving ahead with the proceedings. You can use pipe wrench and old rag if you are not able to unscrew with bare hands.

Check the flow of water from the main line when the showerhead is removed. First of all, turn on the cold water tap at full pace. Now, repeat the procedure with the hot water tap. Sometimes, the flake of the old pipes trapped inside the pipe hampers the smooth flow of the water. Running the taps at full speed would remove such flakes from the pipes.

Check the showerhead for any rust or hard water deposits. Deposits and corroded chips block the outward flow of water. If the deposits and rust traits are hard to remove with the help of an old rug then use vinegar.

First of all, mix a cup of vinegar with a quart of tap water in a metal pan. Place the metal pan on the flame and let it boil. Place down the showerhead into the pan when the mixture starts to boil. Let the showerhead sit in the boiling water for at least 15-20 minutes. Now, carefully remove the head from the solution of vinegar and water.

Let the showerhead cool down and clean it with the help of a dry cloth. Also, check the flow of the water from the shower before placing it back in position. If the flow of water is decent then screw it back in regular position.

Be careful not to place your plastic showerhead in boiling water.

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