Factors that interfere the battery charge of Power Chairs and Scooters

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Power chairs and scooters both count on batteries to transport users. Yet, their divergent designs have overriding consequences. Power chairs roll on four wheels with the batter power pack below the seat, flip/up footplates, and swing away footrest hangers. Users typically maneuver them using a short, vertical power chair lift positioned on the armrest. People unable to move their hands operate power wheelchairs using sophisticated technologies, which respond to chin movements or puffs and sips of air blown through a straw like device.

In contrast, power scooters / undeniably wheelchairs, given their function and purpose / place their users behind the controls. Scooters are built on a platform, with a rotating “captain]s chair” rising from the back, battery underneath the seat and headlight. Because of their configuration, scooters can carry packages and suitcases. Users drive scooters by pulling or pressing levers on the handlebars. Most scooters are three-wheeled, but because of their potential instability, four-wheeled version is also available. Scooters and safe and appropriate only for people with a good hand and arm strength and upper body balance. Many users still stand and walk short distances, riding the scooter only for longer trips.

Front – or rear-wheel drive?

Power chairs and scooters are either front – or rear-wheel drive (that is, the drive wheels are positioned either in the front or back; mid-wheel drives are now available for some power wheelchairs). Front wheel drivers have a small turning radius, so people can rotate fully in tight spaces. Surmounting low obstacles is easier, although the weight of power equipment generally precludes curb jumping. Rear-wheel models give a greater sense of control but need wider spaces for turning. Rear Wheel drive power chair can tip over, when the front power chair lift off the ground as heavy rear wheels accelerate.

Gel-cell or wet-cell batteries?

Power chairs and scooters operate off either gel-cell or wet-cell (lead acid) batteries. Gel-cell batteries are slightly less powerful and shorter lasting than wet cell, but they need less maintenance and do not spill; wet cell batteries require users to maintain specified water levels, and they can spill or leak dangerous acid. Meticulous recharging of batteries is essential to avoid power failures. Automatic battery chargers typically plug directly into standard electrical outlets.

Electromagnetic intrusion

Electric powered chairs and scooters are receptive to electromagnetic intrusion existing in the ambient environment. A certain amount of EMI resistance is required to make sure the well-being of the power chair users. Electromagnetic affinity is the expression used to outline how systems and devices act in an electromagnetic habitat; perceptivity to prying cannot be estimated or calculated authentically. A lot of people install accessories (for example, communication systems, computers, car stereos) to their power chairs which also make use of the batteries. This may enlarge the receptiveness of other EMI system components. A large number of companies fabricate electrically driven equipment designed to operate on power chairs to supply motor vehicle operation, environmental control, pressure relief and postural support. This equipment may change the EMI rapport of power chairs and scooters. Power chairs and scooters can be made to run efficiently within EM habitats through testing.

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Power chairs and scooters both count on batteries to transport users. Yet, their divergent designs have overriding consequences. Know more here.

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