SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N – Folding Shovel, High Carbon Steel Handle, Nylon Carry Case, Powder Coat Finish

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SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N - Folding Shovel, High Carbon Steel Handle, Nylon Carry Case, Powder Coat Finish

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F08-N Entrenshing Tool is made of High Carbon Steel with a length of 18.25 inches and weight of just 24.5 ounces. A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in today’s constantly changing environment. When you need to move sand, dirt, or snow, a shovel is the best hand tools to have. SOG's all steel constructed entrenching tool uses a tempered steel blade with teeth cut into one side for cutting and slashing. The blade can be rotated 90 degrees to reveal a pick
  • Lightweight and compact folding shovel and pick
  • Tri-fold design for portability
  • Comfortable, folding steel handle
  • Includes nylon carrying case w/ gear loops
  • Overall length: 18.25-inches, Weight: 24.5 ounces, Lifetime Warranty

List Price : $ 18.75

Price : $ 12.99

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