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Although material to the growth of plants, the amino acid chelate process is quite difficult to understand for ordinary farmers and growers. In its simplest definition, it’s a like a coating that wraps around the micronutrient for better absorption into the roots or leaves. Why is the coating necessary? Being positively charged, Micronutrients get wasted on the exterior of the plants and roots, which are negatively charged. Chelation converts the charge of these nutrients into neutral enabling them to bind with the plant.

Expert Help

For the ecosystem to thrive, there needs to be balance. Soil management is all about maintaining balance between the natural micro-organisms and the amount of synthetic or organic inputs you put into the soil to create a perfect condition for plants to grow.

While chelating is a good way to introduce essential plant nutrients, it’s also a risky application if you don’t know what you are doing. If you depend on your farm as a main source of income (as opposed to gardening as a hobby), then employing the services of the expert can yield good results. Studies showed that introducing the amino acid zinc glycinate can increase the plant’s weight from 147% to 254%. And that’s just for one nutrient. Bringing in an expert will help avoid over-fertilization or imbalance which will kill your plants. The expert will always start with the soil test analysis to determine the condition of your soil.

Benefits of Amino Acid Chelates

Apart from better nutrient availability, amino acid chelates also improves translocation, or the movement of the nutrients once inside the plant for balance distribution of nutrition. The process also boosts the mobility of essential plant nutrients in the soil. They are water soluble so you don’t have to worry about contaminating your soil and they prevent leaching, where most of the nutrients are washed away during precipitation.

Foliar Feeding

Liquid Sulfur is a water soluble fertilizer that can directly be introduced into the plant through the leaves. There are other benefits as well such as the quick results, increased harvest, allowing the plants to resist dry spells and better health.

In some instances, foliar feeding is clearly superior to the putting fertilizers in the soil because it surmounts the difficulty of the soil to transfer nutrients into the plant. For example, leaching can wash away most of the nutrients. However, it doesn’t mean that you abandon proper soil management following a soil test analysis in favor of foliar feeding.

The author of this article provides useful info about Benefits of Buying Quality Amino Acid Chelate Products to Increase the Fertility of Soil. Here you can also find info over How to Find Essential Nutrient for Proper Growth of Plants in South Africa.

This method of test is intended for determining the in-place density of soils.
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