Axe Styling Spiked-Up Look Putty 2.64 Oz (Pack of 2)

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Axe Styling Spiked-Up Look Putty 2.64 Oz (Pack of 2)

Give your hair some attitude. Craft sharp, structured styles with precise definition, and spikes that'll last all day. For styles needing long-lasting hold.
  • Extreme hold, long-lasting
  • Ideal for short to mid-length hair

List Price : $ 11.25

Price : $ 11.25

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Shakthi means energy in Sanskrit. So this name aptly suits for all health a drink which gives energy to the consuming person. Cadbury has introduced health drinks by name Sakthi Bournvita in different pack sizes. The names indicate the size and type of the health drink. The name Shakthi is used for various other products, like Colgate super Shakthi, Vanish Shakthi and so on. The addition of word Shakthi indicates the power of the product and it emphasizes that the product is definitely good does its work properly.
Cadbury has a very wide range of products and popular among confectionary companies. All products contain dairy milk that is why they use the name Dairy milk. In fact it has all other ingredients which imparts the taste to the product. It has milk, Sugar, emulsifiers, Coca extract, milk extracts etc. The products are very nice and it comes in affordable rates. Compared to the quality of the product and cost of packing the rates are very cheap.
Lux has released wide range of bathing soaps. It has always employed television media for the advertisement of its products. Whenever a new product is released it is launched through pomp and show. Celebrities were used for advertisement and almost all popular TV shows will have one Lux advertisement. All Lux products can be booked on online. It is available on all supermarkets and in all cities.
PepsiCo is a doyen in the field of beverage manufacturing company. It is a multinational company which has port folio of very wide range of products. The beauty of these products is though it is multinational; it has adopted the regional products for the manufacturing, for the example the drink Tropicana which contains guava fruits as one of the main ingredient.
AXE is for men, known to bring the personal care products of men. It has shown in the company advertisements that those men who use AXE products will attract women folk easily. It has AXE musk elements collection, AXE instinct revitalizing shower gel, Axe dark temptation body deodorant, Axe denim cologne. All are men products, all products are personal care products made to feel good by using it.

Though Britannia is better known for biscuits it has wide range of products in different pack sizes. It has cheese, butter, multigrain nutria choice biscuits, bar cake pineapple, bourbon biscuits, and Britannia nutri choice high fiber digestive biscuits. All the products are good and nutritious. Good for Health. Cheese and Butter are available in different pack sizes with slice cut which is most suitable for household use.

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