Snow Joe iON13SS 40-volt Cordless Snow Shovel with Rechargeable Ecosharp Lithium-ion Battery, 13-Inch

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Snow Joe iON13SS 40-volt Cordless Snow Shovel with Rechargeable Ecosharp Lithium-ion Battery, 13-Inch

Charge up for winter! New to the Snow Joe® lineup is the Snow Joe® iON13SS 40 V 13-inch cordless snow shovel. Ideal for quick, easy and CORD-FREE snow pickups on decks, steps, patios and sidewalks, the iON13SS combines innovation and functionality to deliver the ultimate grab-n-go snow-busting tool. EcoSharp® Battery Technology. Powered by EcoSharp® technology, Snow Joe’s® patented rechargeable 40-volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery system, the iON13SS delivers up to 52 minutes of whisper-qu
  • Ideal for quick, easy, and CORD-FREE snow pickups on decks, steps, patios, and sidewalks
  • 40V 4.0Ah EcoSharp rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • No pull cords, gas, oil, tune-ups, carbon emissions, or tangled extension cords
  • 2-blade paddle auger throws snow up to 25 feet; cuts 13 in. wide x 6 in. deep.
  • 500 W brushless motor moves up to 300 lbs of snow per minute.

List Price : $ 249.99

Price : $ 249.99

Check for updated price here

When the seasons turn from warm and sunny to cold and cloudy its time to start worrying about the winter to come. Snow and ice are on the way. Carried by the cold and bitter winds the weather shifts quickly. In the more northern stretches the cold months bring all sorts of constant burdens and chores. The work ahead can be helped along with the use of used snow blowers. Saving a few bucks and a lot of hardship.

Winter time is hard on everyone. Its a season of wild weather and biting winds. As a rule the cold seasons are well know as a bad time to go out and do extreme physical labor. Anyone who has shoveled a driveway or a side walk for hours in the snow will testify to the hardships of the task. Not only does it take hours, but it also wears on the body in a lot of ways. Back breaking is the perfect term for it.

In this day in age we depend upon well made machines to do a lot of hard tasks. The advantages are obvious. Nobody wants to be sore from repetitive chores. The time wasted adds up quickly as well. Time that could be spent in a warm house or office instead of shivering in the cold. Its common knowledge that working outdoors in the winter can be dangerous. So minimizing any difficult outdoor tasks is a good idea for everyone.

The size of the job is something to consider. In the colder more snow prone areas people often need a larger capacity snow blower. Something that can move large volumes quickly. With little time and effort on the operators part. How much snow and how much space that needs to be cleared off regularly is the biggest things to keep in mind. Smaller amounts of precipitation require smaller machines to get the job done. Don’t get something too big or too small for the need. Experience will make this a fairly easy thing to figure out, and a little research will do wonders.

Budgets aren’t what they used to be. Everyone is trying to do more with less. When shopping for any piece of serious equipment it pays to shop around. The show room snow blowers are pricey as expected. Adding up to thousands of dollars for the larger more powerful models. A new machine doesn’t always mean a better machine either. A lot of things are made more cheaply and have shorter life expectancies.

It should be of no real surprise that a used model can easily handle the same jobs as a new one. In many cases being a better machine in that they don’t always make things to last these days. The oldies tend to be the goodies. Better yet the price is much more reasonable for a refurbished blower. With just a little work a good used snow blower can last for years under heavy usage. Saving money and getting a top of the line product is hard to pass on.

Solutions for the chores that the winter weather brings are something wanted by everyone. Its a lot of work and stress to fight the snow and ice every time the clouds move it. To save on labor and the pocket book, it pays to shop around and check out used snow blowers first hand. Its going to be a long cold winter so be prepared.

If you want to find out more about used snow blower buying opportunities, then come and visit Roy Forchet’s site on how to choose the better used snow blower to get the lousy work done easily.

We had a good 1.5 to 2 feet of snow fall up on the mountain near Brian Head, Utah. Some blower action through deep snow! Got to talk with the blower and plow drivers after, they were some cool dudes from UDOT.
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