DC America WIT118 Charleston Wrought Iron End Table

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DC America WIT118 Charleston Wrought Iron End Table

DC America #WIT118 Charleston Wrought Iron End Table - Heavy Duty Construction; Black Powder Coated Rust Resistant Finish. Everybody loves to sit outdoors on the lawn, deck, or patio for relaxing and entertaining. D.C. AmericaGarden Furniture has long been the favorite of homeowners, gardeners, and professional landscape designers. Choose from our expanded line of garden benches, patio furniture, dining tables, armchairs, tables, and much more.
  • Wrought iron heavy duty construction
  • Black
  • Powder coated rust resistant finish
  • ships in 1 carton, ships by Ground-LTL
  • Attractive outdoor furniture

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In time I hope to find the perfect patio furniture covers for my patio set. I’ve done a bit of hunting so far and I am not going to give up until I find success. Now that summer is around the corner, my kids want to have every meal outside. That means that almost every evening after I get home from work, I’m washing the top of my patio table with a brush and a bucket of warm soapy water.

Without annual or bi-annual maintenance my patio furniture really can show its age. I have some great patio furniture. It’s the kind that looks a lot more expensive than it really is. I was able to get it for half price at Lowes about five years ago and I have loved it ever since. The other reason I am searching for some new patio furniture covers is that the elements can be unkind to the finish. The furniture has really aged fairly well but it takes some diligent annual maintenance.

Almost every autumn I rough sand the table and chairs, re-apply a teak or walnut stain and then rub some tung oil into the wood. The whole procedure generally takes 2 half days and the furniture really looks brand new when I’m finished. I have no doubt that this little effort has added years to the life of my furniture. I don’t really mind the job but having some outdoor patio furniture covers might make it less necessary?like maybe every three years.

I have spoken to a lot of people about buying covers and it would appear that I might be the only one in my circle of friends that has ever thought seriously about these covers. Furthermore, I have gone to a handful of patio furniture shops and very few of them sell covers for the furniture. The covers that were available were either the wrong size or far too expensive for my needs. Most of the staff at the patio furniture shop only thought about covering the furniture for the winter. One guy who was trying to be helpful suggested I just use a table cloth for family dinners.

Given the effort I’ve put into finding the covers, I have been able to clearly define what I need to get out of the covers. The covers need to be water resistant and washable. I’m ok with covering the furniture with a tarp during the harsh winter so the patio furniture covers don’t need to stand up to snow and freezing weather. They need to be reasonably priced. In my mind, I should be able to cover 4 chairs and a 3.5′ by 6′ patio table for under $ 100US.

Buying outdoor patio furniture covers is not as simple as I first expected it to be. The covers themselves are fairly hard to come by. Finding something in your price range and colour and that fits your furniture can be daunting. On the advice of a friend, I’m going to continue to write articles and post on my blog on outdoor patio furniture covers until I finally find a set to call my own.

Create small outdoor/patio table with ikea legs.

Have fun and enjoy!
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