International Caravan VF-4134-IC Furniture Piece Highland Acacia Sunburst Coffee Table

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International Caravan VF-4134-IC Furniture Piece Highland Acacia Sunburst Coffee Table

Add a touch of Class to your patio furnishings with this sturdy acacia hardwood coffee table. It features an elegant SUNRISE table top design. Done in a natural acacia wood stain finish. Weather and UV resistant.
  • Item material: Acacia wood
  • Item color: brown
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam

List Price : $ 141.57

Price : $ 141.57

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So you have yourself a picnic table – the perfect centerpiece to your outdoor escape. Together with the perfect chairs, a grill, and a little shade, your garden is complete. But there is a small problem with your table: while it brings everything together, it feels just a little bland. While the table is a work of art, it just looks like a table. Over time, you’ve lost that loving feeling…and your table is just a table.

Yes, the excitement of your brand new picnic table can wear off over time. Don’t feel bad about it – this is a common experience for the outdoor furniture owner. And you are certainly not alone in feeling this way. As time passes, you eat outdoor less. And as a winter or two approaches, your picnic table becomes just another table.

As time passes, your love for your picnic table doesn’t necessarily have to. Depending on your choice of a picnic table, bringing a new love and new life to it can be as simple as adding a table cloth, or complex as redesigning around your table!

A simple starting point for your picnic table is considering the season, or any approaching holidays. In the spring, the outdoors is awakening from a deep winter sleep, bringing out a palate of greens. Consider putting out a weather-resistant table cloth to color-coordinate with the season. Any vinyl table cloth will be able to stand the rain and humidity of springtime showers and summer heat. If you’re getting close to a holiday, use a tablecloth that reflects the occasion. Easter is a great time to break out a pastel-colored table cloth (great for dying eggs with the kids), and Memorial Day and Independence Day are good occasions to use a patriotic tablecloth!

Perhaps the problem is that your picnic table is catching a few too many sun rays. While a little warmth is always welcome, too much sun can be an unwelcome sight for your family and friends. This is easily corrected by the perfect umbrella for the perfect picnic table! Your table should come with a hole in the middle, to place a patio umbrella in the middle of the table. If it doesn’t, you can always drill out a hole in the middle to accommodate an umbrella! Bringing an umbrella to the middle of the table creates an oasis from the heat of the summer months, and welcomes your family and friends by putting the perfect shade in your patio!

If you’re having an outdoor get together, nothing dresses up a picnic table like a centerpiece! Putting down the perfect centerpiece creates a welcoming atmosphere, and can warm up a discussion like nothing else can, and allows your creative side to bloom! Floral centerpieces can reflect the seasons, and gives your table a fresh breath of beauty. Other ideas can be inspired by the holiday or season. Creating a centerpiece around growing herbs will not only welcome your guests, but give your table a great scent! For the ultimate centerpiece, consider putting a potted plant on your picnic table. This gives your table a living and growing centerpiece that can be cherished throughout the season!

Any picnic table can be brought back to life with careful consideration and a little love. Building new and exciting creations around your patio and its furniture will give you years of enjoyment from your furniture, and increase the value of your investment for generations to come!

Joseph Kortez is a freelance writer with diverse interests including home and garden, outdoor furniture and backyard living. A media professional, his work has been featured on CNN and the CBS Evening News. He currently writes for Outdoor Furniture Plus and In Style Patio

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