Best Choice Products 7PC Furniture Sectional PE Wicker Rattan Sofa Set Deck Couch Brown

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Best Choice Products 7PC Furniture Sectional PE Wicker Rattan Sofa Set Deck Couch Brown

Best Choice Products is proud to present you this beautiful 7-piece wicker sofa furniture set. The sofa is an ideal addition to your outdoor living area. It is made of sun and weather-resistant resin wicker that adds a beautiful touch to the table and chairs. The included Beige cushions adds perfect contrast to your existing outdoor d├ęcor and compliments any outdoor living area. Included is 1 table, 6 sofa chairs, 16 cushions and one pillow. You can relax on your patio in style with this comfor
  • Sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame and high-quality wicker will make this set a mainstay in your backyard for years
  • Weather-resistant wicker, tempered glass, and cushions with removable spun polyester covers allow for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Brown and beige colorway with red accent pillows, sleek sharp edges, and modern design will bring new energy to your home
  • Outdoor furniture set with 6 sofa chairs, table, and 2 red pillows can be arranged in a variety of ways to accommodate different spaces
  • Weight: 150 lbs. (Comes in 2 boxes); Sectional Weight capacity: 400 lbs.; Table weight capacity: 150 lbs

List Price : $ 699.99

Price : $ 649.95

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We have the rest of the house sparkling clean but we forgot about one of the most important places at home. A place where we’d probably will be judged as a homemaker or even the way we decorate and care for the rest of the house. More often than not, a guest will probably have their mind up about this even before they enter our house. A pretty bad looking and unattended patio will turn anyone of instantly. Just because it is in the outdoor, don’t leave nature to tend to it. It can become a wonderful place to be in and even look at if you simply follow the guidelines that are provided here for you.

Concept For most houses, (with the exception of the likes of the Trump or Winfrey Mansion) the patio is a noticeably small area. A normal patio could house up to only ten people, hence the first step of decorating your patio is to decide on the approach of decorating the little space. Naturally, one would want to make the patio appears to be bigger that its actual size and so, the best concept to be employed is the minimalist approach. Decorate your patio around the lines of this method and in return, you will get a cozy and airy little place.

Furniture Since you have finally decided on the concept, it is now the time to choose the perfect furniture to suit the tiny space area. Following the minimalist approach, it is essential for you to be aware of a few key rules:

1. Buy medium-size furniture. Large ones would crowd the small space, and too-small units will make the room look sparse and bare. The perfect choice of furniture would be medium size rattan or wicker furniture, as it would fit in with the ‘outdoor’ theme of a patio. There is an amazing array of furniture that one could choose from such as a rocking chair, a Japanese table, rattan chest, coffee table and a sofa or a settee. An ideal selection would be a rocking chair, two small chairs and a table. However, you do not have to follow this suggestion; use your creativity and indulge in a mix and match game. See which combination suits you best and then purchase them. These furniture are not just available at furniture stores, but could also be bought online. | 1.For a small space, medium sized furniture is what you should opt for such as medium size rattan or wicker furniture. Large furniture will crowd your already small area while small ones would make it appear too bare. This type of furniture would go well with the outdoor environment of your patio. There are so many furniture that you can put at the patio and a good kind of example is a rocking and two small chairs and table. Don’t just copy this idea. It’s more fun to select your own and mix and match the furniture according to your fancy. Just to provide you with a brief list of what furniture will suit a patio like a Japanese table, rattan chest, coffee table and a sofa or a settee. You can shop for the furniture at stores or online.

2. Get furniture that could double as a storage unit for your things. Hence, adding a set of stack-up drawers would be divine to store up light reading materials such as magazines, shoes, gardening tools and toys. Moreover, the stack-up drawers would not just help you save storage space, but would also add an elegant touch to your patio.

3. Choose the right materials for your outdoor cushions. If you wish to create a cozy and homey ambience for your patio, get a few outdoor cushions for your wicker settee. The best kind is always the water-resistant kind, as they are armored against not just rainwater, but also from spills. So if barbeque sauce and soda drink spills have stopped you from hosting a barbeque party all these while, then worry no more. Get water-resistant material for your cushions and happily hose down the spills with your garden hose right after the party.

For patios that have no roof, you can add a patio umbrella and a hammock. Whatever designs you may have in mind, be sure to also go for water-resistant fabric so that the task of cleaning up is as easy and effortless. Another element that you should consider is sun-tolerant fabric. This is to ensure that the fabric will not get faded easily as it is going to be exposed to the sun and you need not buy new ones every year.

Your patio can also be equipped with patio heaters so that you can enjoy your patio regardless of the season, be it summer or winter. Choose from standing heaters, ceiling or portable heaters. For families with small children, it is advisable to go for ceiling heater as it is less dangerous and more practical. There are also many choices of fuel source to consider before choosing a heater such as propane, natural gas, infrared and electric.

You might already have a mental picture of the patio of your dream now in your mind so don’t delay your project any longer. Equipped with the guidelines given, you can start to transform your neglected patio now into a place you, your family and friends will come to love and enjoy!

All homes come to a term of improvement one way or another. With this, you will need expert home improvement advice and Rene Lacape is the person that you need. Check his website so you can learn more from him.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture All Weather Resin 5pc Round Patio Sectional Modular Sofa Set

This outdoor sectional set is built with excellent quality materials to last; it is assembled by professionals with: * Powder coated aluminum frame. * Seating strap support system. * Hand woven with UV Eco Friendly Weather Wicker HDP (high density polymer). *Washable Zippered Cushion Covers This Set includes: Overall Dimensions. W140 x D65 x H27 * 2 corner lounges (1 right side and 1 left side) each comes with 4 thick seat cushion and 2 back pillows upholstered with a great looking Ivory weather fabric. * 3 mid lounges each comes with 4 thick seat cushion and 1 back pillows upholstered with a great looking Ivory weather fabric. * 1 Round Coffee Table Dimensions. D40 x H19 We recommend for glass top tables, that you cover them in extreme, direct sun exposure. Additional pieces available to make your sectional just the way you want. Available in Espresso UV Weather Wicker A Transitional – Contemporary Sectional, very versatile, it can be displayed many different ways. It is Hand Crafted
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